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Mozyr State Pedagogical University


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Nowadays, the University is one of the leading establishments in the Gomel Region. It participates in the innovative development of Economics, State Programs of Rural Renewal and Development, National Programme of Tourism Development. Moreover, Mozyr State Pedagogical University, named after I.P.Shamyakin, undertakes a critical teacher's supply mission in the region, which was restored after the Chernobyl NPP accident.

Today MSPU named after I.P.Shamyakin includes four academic buildings, nine departments, 27 chairs. Six thousand students are trained at the University.Students and graduate students are trained with a specialization in a wide range of scientific fields that are in high demand in the region. The results of postgraduate work assignments have testified to the requirements of establishments of education, enterprises, and organizations for young, highly experienced professionals.

Academic staff of high scientific qualification is trained at postgraduate courses in 6 major fields of study. The high effectiveness of this activity is proved by the successful defense of Candidate and Doctor of Sciences' dissertations. Over the last five years, 5 Doctor of Sciences' dissertations and 20 Candidate of Sciences' dissertations were defended.

The main priority of the University is international cooperation. The best students and hopeful teachers undergo a training course at the leading Universities of Russia, China, Germany, and Kazakhstan. Nowadays Establishment of Education "Mozyr State Pedagogical University named after I.P.Shamyakin" is a recognized leader in the field of pedagogy. It is a significant educational, scientific, and cultural center in the Belarusian Polesye.

SPU named after I.P.Shamyakin fulfills its educational, intellectual, cultural, and social mission aimed at satisfying the needs and interests of society and state is highly qualified pedagogues capable for intellectual and spiritual development combining such qualities as professional competence, high level of general culture, active civic position and social accountability.

To perform this mission, the University administration defined the following objectives:

  • Sustainable development of the University public image in the sphere of higher education.
  • High level of quality specialization training.
  • Supply of essential academic maintenance.
  • Quality development of the workforce.
  • Execution of international cooperation in the field of higher education, science, and culture.

The core of our University is a union made up of gifted students, talented postgraduates, distinguished Ph.D. students, outstanding academic staff, famous researchers and experienced pedagogues which carry out their activities in compliance with the classical traditions of the pedagogical university education based on the principles of free academic teaching, researching and disseminating knowledge.

On behalf of the administration and members of the academic staff of Mozyr State Pedagogical University named after I.P.Shamyakin, the Admission Office would like to extend a warm and kind-hearted welcome to all shortlisted applicants willing to start Higher education at our establishment of education. We are looking forward to seeing you at MSPU named after I.P.Shamyakin.

In March 1944, the first Institution of Higher Education in Mozyr was founded at Rogachev Teachers' Training Institute. The decision to found Teachers' Training Institute testified to the significant role of education in wartime. Initially, the Institute had three departments: Language and Literature, Physics and Mathematics, History, and Geography. Seven chairs worked 27 teachers and studied 210 students.

In 1946 the first students graduated from the Institute. One hundred ninety teachers of History, Language and Literature, Physics and Mathematics, Nature Studies, and Geography started work at schools in the Polesye region. In 1952 Mozyr Teachers' Training Institute was reorganized into Mozyr Pedagogical Institute by Decision No. 999 of July 22, 1952, of the Council of Ministers.

In 1964 by Decision of the Council of Ministers of BSSR Mozyr Teachers' Training Institute was given the name of N.K.Krupskaya.

By Decision No. 500 of August 4, 2006, the President of the Republic of Belarus Mozyr State Pedagogical University got the name after a prominent literary and political figure Ivan Petrovich Shamyakin. Opening and reorganizing the University were formed in compliance with the increasing demand of the region for highly qualified teaching staff. Dynamics of University development gives evidence of its high potential, i.e., professional development, enhancement and development of infrastructure, improvement of the educational and scientific process.

There are three student dormitories at the premises of MSPU named after I.P.Shamyakin. On-campus housing is guaranteed for all international students, and it is obligatory while being in Belarus for study. Students live in single-sex suits (shared double or triple rooms with a shared bathroom). Each dormitory has a resident assistant responsible for support information and other activities international students may be involved in.

Admission of foreign citizens and stateless persons remaining legally in the Republic of Belarus and having a required level of previous education on the terms of payment is based on the contracts signed by the University with foreign citizens and stateless persons or their confidential persons. In cases of admission of minor foreign citizens to paid training, a minor foreigner can do it himself. At the same time, to guarantee the recognition of a valid contract in case of need for it, a minor foreigner should have a notarized written agreement (or application) of his confidential person to sign the contract. In case an agreement is written in a foreign language, there should be a notarized translation into the Russian (Belarusian) language.

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