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Polessky State University


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Polessky State University is an up-to-date University of innovative type located in the heart of the Polessye region in the Republic of Belarus.

University structure includes Scientific and Technological park Polessye and several laboratories such as Longitudinal Scientific and Research Laboratory, Laboratory of Industrial Fish Breeding, Laboratory of Regional Development and Tourism.

International students are provided with a comfortable hostel for the whole period of study. Each room in the hostel has a shower and a kitchen, Internet access as well. Reading-rooms, rooms for leisure, computer classes, gyms, laundry with automatic washing machines, rooms for drying, and ironing clothes are at one'sone's disposal. Payment for accommodation in the hostel comprises $ 60 per month.

An international student is guaranteed accommodation at one of the University'sUniversity's dormitories. Accommodation fee is determined following the Rector's order. In the academic year of 2017-2018, it is about 60 dollars a month.

Students'Students' accommodation meets all necessary standards. There are 6 comfortable hostels, with rooms equipped with TVs and refrigerators. Reading-rooms, rms for leisure, computer classes, gyms, a laundry with automatic washing machines, rooms for drying and ironing clothes, a room to keep vegetables – all this makes students'students' living comfortable.

The Department of Educational Work with the Youth at Polessky State University carries out the next functions:

  • Carries out an activity on the formation of spiritually-moral values and social activity of the student's youth.
  • Co-ordinates work of the experts participating in educational process.
  • Solves problems of student students. It is engagement in their free time from the study, daily problems and rest, health protection, and organization of student's leisure.
  • Encourages preservation and development of the university life's traditions, favors the development of creative abilities and students'students' talents.

The University has 44 existing agreements on cooperation with foreign educational institutions and other organizations. The partnership with universities from Russia, Ukraine, and Germany are most successfully developed.

Several international conferences and seminars are held at the University every year. Among them are:

  • International Student Scientific-Practical Conference "Scientific Potential of the Youth - to the Future of Belarus."
  • International Scientific-Practical Conference on Banking Economy "The Banking System: Stability and Development prospects."
  • International Scientific Conference, "Sustainable Economic Development: State, Problems, Prospects."
  • International Scientific and Practical Conference "Health for Everybody."
  • Within the framework of cooperation with the German Federal Bank, a group of students of PolesSU travels annually to Germany to participate in training seminars on "Banking."

Within the framework of the academic mobility program, Erasmus+ Polessky State University exchanges faculty members with the University of Toruń named after Nicholas Copernicus, based on the Memorandum of Cooperation.

The project is being implemented at the Economics Faculty, Department of Historical and Cultural Heritage. The project implementation period is from December 1, 2017, to January 31, 2019.

Partner University is the University of Toruń named after Nicolaus Copernicus, Faculty of Earth Sciences, Department of Geography. The University has been working on the Erasmus program since 1998. The program is relatively new for the Republic of Belarus. In the structure of the program, there are five parts. Polessky State University is responsible for implementing the second part: Cooperation for innovation and exchange of best practices.

Foreign citizens and stateless persons temporarily staying or temporarily residing in the Republic of Belarus (in the future - foreign citizens and persons without citizenship) can enter the University for the higher education of the second stage:

  • Accordance with international treaties of the Republic of Belarus at budget cost or on a paid basis.
  • Based on the results of final testing during the development of the content of educational programs preparing persons for admission to the University on a paid basis.
  • Based on interview results establishing the level of proficiency in the language of instruction is sufficient for mastering the educational program of higher education second stage on a paid basis.

Admission of foreign citizens and stateless persons to obtain higher education of the second stage is carried out based on agreement on specialist training.

A necessary condition for the admission of foreign citizens and persons without citizenship in the University is that they have the document proving the identity, visas (if necessary), and the contract of obligatory medical insurance, signed in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus. The main objectives of international cooperation are as follows:

  • Entering the international educational system and the international market of educational services.
  • The development of cooperation with international organizations and institutions.
  • The improvement of the educational process and the quality of training, based on the creative usage of international experience.

The main directions of international cooperation:

  • Studying the development trends of the educational services market and searching for potential partners to implement educational and scientific projects.
  • Realization of international cooperation agreements with foreign partner universities.
  • Mutual work on international academic projects and programs together with foreign universities and organizations.
  • Holding university-based scientific conferences, symposiums and seminars, sporting, and cultural events.
  • Training of highly qualified scientific staff (including PG course and doctorate).
  • Academic exchange under educational, scientific, cultural programs and projects.
  • Studying and analysis of foreign country's experience in education.
  • We greet all potential partners. Welcome to Polessky State University!


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