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College of Industrial Engineering


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The College of Industrial Engineering is a small, independent higher education institution that adapts to the needs of the industry and enables flexible, highly efficient studies. Prominent college lecturers with various industrial, scientific, and research experience participate in the program.

The College operates in modern lecture rooms, computer labs, and laboratories. In collaboration with research and development centers within the region and industry partners possessing special research equipment, we organize high-quality special exercises, practical training, and innovative diploma thesis.

The founder of the College of Industrial Engineering is the public institution, the Regional Study Centre responsible for developing higher education in the Savinja region.

The College of Industrial Engineering was founded by the decision of the Council of Higher Education of the Republic of Slovenia. The study program Modern Production Engineering was accredited on 26 February 2010.

The College is in the Register of Higher Education Institutions of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology.

The College of Industrial Engineering started its programs to develop and disseminate knowledge of production engineering, which significantly contributes to the economy and consequently, to ensure better life quality in Slovenia.

Our vision is clear. We intend to become the best College of production engineering, tailored to meet the industry's needs.

We build our school in high-quality teaching. We offer Modern Production Engineering, an up-to-date higher educational program comparable to other relevant European programs besides being highly practically oriented. It takes into account the specifics and needs of the domestic economy. In addition to acquiring knowledge of engineering, the students master the knowledge and skills of business economics and management needed for project management and advancing to managerial positions.

We offer the best prerequisites for high-quality and efficient studies, prominent lecturers with industrial experience and productive scientific and research work participate in our study process. The entire study process takes place in modern premises.

The highest quality of studies is only possible in collaboration with you, the students. We are well aware that studies require much effort and sacrifice. We expect you to actively participate and contribute to the College's operation and development. Moreover, we promise you a flexible operation and alignment with the needs of the industry and your employers. Part-time study is designed for employed students. Lectures are carried out during the week in the afternoon. Lectures are mainly organized to be carried out one after another, only two subjects at most can be carried out in the same period.

Production engineering is an industry with a high level of creativity and innovativeness. The graduates will be employed in all branches of the mechanical and electrical industry.

The College of Industrial Engineering aims to become a higher education institution known in Slovenia and abroad for its professional excellence and high-quality technical sciences, carrying out full-time and part-time studies, entirely suited to the needs of the industry. Our graduates will be highly valued in the industry and have excellent employment possibilities. The College will provide continuous professional development of its lecturers.

The College of Industrial Engineering is an independent higher education institution, with the mission of:

  • Implementing and developing high-quality study programs of technical sciences, serving the current and future needs of the employees
  • Ensuring high-quality technical personnel to the region and further afield.
  • Implementing applied research in the field of technical sciences.
  • Encouraging faster regional development and enhancing the competitiveness of the economy.
  • Encouraging technical profession (above all in the area of applicative knowledge) dissemination and application of knowledge on local, national, and international levels.
  • Encouraging the mobility of students and teaching staff and creating international connections.
  • Organizing and implementing efficient lifelong learning by the needs and development plans of companies.
  • Indirect participation in sustainable development, a cleaner environment, and the prosperity of society.

One of the College of Industrial Engineering's chief aims is to achieve the highest possible quality of educational and research processes to train several highly qualified professionals in the field of industrial engineering.

An essential part of monitoring the quality of the College represents the student surveys, which are implemented from the time point of enrolment at the College, and cover the key activities of the College from the organization and the implementation of study programs.

One of our most important aims is the continuous raising of the quality of the College, through continual improvements in terms of organization, competence, professionalism, and motivation on the part of the providers of the teaching process, the adequacy of the study materials, the suitability of premises and equipment, the adequacy of the organization of studies and the adequacy of the communication between the teachers and students.

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