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National University of Santiago del Estero


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Our University is located in the province of Santiago del Estero, Capital, the oldest city in the country, since it was founded in 1553, located in northwestern Argentina. The UNSE, created in 1973, has always sought to meet the community's demands that gave it birth. Thus, the races in which they emphasized are aimed at solving local social environment - oriented technology and social and health problems. The emergence of the University, came to fill a need felt in the region since made room for generations of young people who otherwise would not have been able to access higher education since before the existence of University in Santiago, had to travel to neighboring provinces to obtain a college degree. Also worth mentioning that the UNSE is a free public university autonomous.
National University of Santiago del Estero is constituted by Faculties and also for schools, colleges and departments. The four university bodies, also called cloisters, are those who make up the University, and they are teachers, not teachers, graduates, and students who are grouped in their respective representative organizations and unions.
The headquarters of the University is located in the southern part of the city, more precisely in Avenida Belgrano Sud 1912. Here are the offices of the Rector, Vice-Rector, Deans of Faculties, administrative offices, as well as classrooms and laboratories for teaching purposes investigación. Post and also a Central Library, the Auditorium, the FM radio station, and TV channel.
There are other buildings in the UNSE, which belong to the various faculties of the same and are deployed in rural and industrial areas, such as the Industrial Park and El Zanjón, hosting numerous laboratories where tasks of research and teaching are developed.
Mutual Fund for the Staff of the National University of Santiago del Estero is an autonomous body with legal personality and work with financial and administrative autonomy.
The Fund receives the resources to operate and provide grants benefits pension supplement established for this purpose performs all administrative nature management and capital necessary to fulfill these purposes. The Fund administered by the Fund has a specific involvement, and no member shall be individual or personal rights on the contributions they have made or can claim a refund. The Institutional Self - Assessment is a process that takes a comprehensive approach that produces a description and evaluative analysis of the institution, integrating quantitative and qualitative perspectives, based on guidelines and criteria recommended by the CONEAU. By its procedural nature, it requires that it be taken as a construction involving phases and steps rationally articulated in a temporary in order to achieve the objectives becoming. Not a mere isolated phenomenon, not a pure reflection. It is a systematic process. It was formed in December 2012, a Central Committee where representatives of all sectors of the university community participate along with representatives of teachers' unions and non-teaching the UNSE. They were conducted to collect information, Days of Reflection with non-teaching staff rectory and interinstitutional Commission for SIU_Guaraní3, surveys of teachers and students from various academic units, focus groups with student representatives, and professional associations.
The UNSE offers a scholarship system itself called Scholarships UNSE whose purpose is to promote access, retention, and graduation in college students, especially considering those whose social and economic situation, lack of optimal resources for implementing. We have a wide range of grants for financial aid from different programs. In order to cover the most significant possible number of young people year after year is betting to pursue a career in our University.There are different types of scholarships: the Intellectual Merit Scholarships Financial Aid, Scholarship Accommodation, and Grant Hall. The YPF Foundation awards scholarships for industry related to oil and gas in public universities in Argentina's careers. The call is addressed solely to the following engineering: Oil, Piercings, Electrical / Electrical, Electronics, Electromechanics, Mechanics, Mechatronics, Chemical, Energy, Materials, Environmental, and the following degrees: Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry, Geodesy, Environment, Energy, Physics. The program is aimed at young graduates of technical secondary schools form evidencing an overall average of 8 or more points. Fellows are selected by a committee composed of specialists of recognized academic and professional career, whose names are disclosed along with the selected candidates.
The Commission on Disability UNSE has established itself as a scope of work for people with disabilities, especially the right to study. It is based on the thought of understanding of disability as a social construct where we all have a responsibility to ensure accessibility for persons with disabilities to the University according to the social role and position that we occupy. Therefore, the Commission carries out awareness actions and works to achieve academic, building industry, and communicational accessibility. It is composed of representatives of each of the Schools and School of Educational Innovation, Rectorado Secretariats, teacher unions and non-teaching, social work and mutual, and all students with disabilities who wish to integrate. Student Welfare coordinates it.The Commission meets weekly, and its meetings are open to all members of the university community who wish to attend.

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