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Catholic University of Lyon


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The Catholic University of Lyon was founded in 1875 and aimed to educate competent and responsible women and men. It welcomes a diverse range of students from every nationality with a variety of philosophical and religious beliefs and respects freedom of conscience and secularism. Its location at the heart of a regional capital, its close ties with business and strong international links, promotes academic excellence, creativity, and integrity.
The LL.M. degrees offered by the Catholic University of Lyon (UCLy) enable law graduates to further their legal education by gaining a systematic understanding of the critical issues at the forefront of select areas of international business and trade law. They also aim to develop legal research, reasoning, writing, advocacy, and teamwork skills. These skills are highly sought after by employers. Graduates from this program will be equipped to compete effectively by developing competencies required by a global marketplace.
An LL.M. in international business law will introduce students to core international legal topics (International contract law, Intellectual property, International tax law, Corporate governance...). Students can follow this program with the National University of Maynooth (Ireland) to get a double diploma. See LLM in international business law
-An LL.M in European and international trade and investment law dedicated to the GATT, GATS and TRIPS agreements, but also to the significant Regional and Preferential Trade agreements, with a particular focus on the EU external agreements with third countries (Canada, Central, and South America, MERCOSUR, Africa, ASEAN...), and their interaction with the EU Single Market. International Investment Law is also covered as well as trade disputes settlement mechanisms, trade remedies, and international arbitration proceedings See LLM in international trade
Our Faculty are academics from UCLy and foreign universities and professionals working with leading companies and international organizations. They bring real-world knowledge into UCLy's classrooms. This combination of academic skills and real-world experiences will help you shed light on the critical questions of international business and trade law. Moreover, you will have a unique opportunity to engage with a dedicated faculty in small classes. Discover our faculty and guest lecturers
The Faculty of Law was re-established in 1996. It subsequently underwent significant development and now offers bachelor's and master's degrees. The Faculty is highly internationalized in teaching and research. It is demonstrated notably by its numerous agreements with partners around the world; classes taught in English, international programs for law students and professionals, and guest lecturers from abroad.

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