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The New Design University St. Pölten (NDU) was founded by the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce and its Business Development Institute (WIFI) in 2004. As an international destination for quality education in design, technology, and business, the NDU trains creative thinkers who advance social change and explore tomorrow’s work and design practice today.
The NDU stands out for its high level of personal supervision, attaching particular importance to the combination of theory and practice. Imparting business skills is another matter of great importance at the private University in St. Pölten.
The University was established and is wholly owned by the regional branch of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. This ensures that business skills and strong vocational character will always play a significant role in our education.
The University is regularly monitored and certified by the National Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria. This guarantees the conformity with the highest European standards in education.
The New Design University’s cooperation with industry is of particular importance to the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce and its Business Development Institute (WIFI NÖ). Creative potential is becoming an increasingly crucial location factor. Thirty years ago, no one thought that our creative industry alone would create thousands of jobs in the years to come. We can expect this sector to become an increasingly important job generator in Austria. At the New Design University, we train those driving forces that our creative industry will need tomorrow, but this development is still at the beginning of a very long journey. In the competition for the best thinkers, the best ideas, and the best technologies, we will only hold our own if we enable and encourage ideal conditions for science and business and synergies. To do so, we require universities and scientific facilities transdisciplinary sites for joint processes of working and thinking, joint learning, and joint creativity. For the Chamber of Commerce and WIFI NÖ, the NDU is an investment in the future of Lower Austria and Europe.

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