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Melbourne School Of Fashion


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Fashionmasters is a private institution specializing in contemporary and relevant training for the fashion industry. Initially established as Melbourne School of Fashion in 1991, Fashionmasters now has campuses in Melbourne and Sydney.

Fashionmasters offers various courses covering all aspects of the fashion industry, including design, production, marketing, and retail. Our education approach is developed in partnership with the fashion industry, so the studies are practical, hands-on, and ensure our graduates have highly sought after. Class sizes are limited to ensure maximum attention from lecturers. Fashionmasters delivers nationally recognized programs ranging from entry-level certificate courses to the higher education Bachelor of Fashion and Business delivered in conjunction with Holmes Institute.

Our tutors at FashionMasters are like private mentors because each one of them is active in the fashion industry and therefore engaged in the business of helping you succeed in a boutique-learning environment. From fashion designers who run their brands to buyers, stylists, image-consultants, PR executives, social media managers, and bloggers, our academics are fashion and business entrepreneurs who work for some of the world's most reputable brands. Coupled with our industry partners who also coach students through internships, guest lectures, and "role shadowing," this gives FashionMasters programs the edge to offer a very practice-led approach to undertaking a degree program. FashionMasters is a highly enjoyable yet practical degree program with a serious commitment to training for the fashion business and mentoring young entrepreneurs from high school onwards to fulfill their dreams of becoming tomorrow's fashion leaders.

With industry engagement, which cuts across the industry as a whole - and not just at the design and production level - FashionMasters is proud of its well-trained alumni such as Christopher Avery (Victorian student of the year) and Brendan Smith. They participated in the Arts of Fashion Foundation awards (Les Arts Decoratifs) in Paris in 2014. With brand new state-of-the-art facilities in slick Sydney and stylish Melbourne and both campuses located in the hearts of Australia's most vivacious CBDs, FashionMaster's reputation as an industry-relevant fashion program continues to grow. This is witnessed by the faculty's edgy in-house magazine, "F": Creative Intelligence by FashionMasters soon-to-be-launched in 2015. Our industry partners are involved at all levels of our programs.

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