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University of South Australia


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The University of South Australia is Australia's University of Enterprise. Our innovation culture is anchored around global and national links to academic, research, and industry partners. Our graduates are the new urban professionals, global citizens at ease with the world, and ready to create and respond to change. Our research is inventive and adventurous, and we create new knowledge that is central to global economic and social prosperity.

We believe the quality of its graduates mainly determines a university's reputation. We are proud that more than 90 percent of our graduates in full-time work are employed in professional occupations within four months of completing their degrees. UniSA's vision, detailed in Horizon 2020, will be a leading contributor to Australia having the best higher education system globally, supporting the world's best-educated and most innovative, cohesive, and sustainable society. It is our aim that in 2020, UniSA will be defined by its:

  • Outstanding learning outcomes and the quality and richness of the student experience.
  • Graduates' readiness for work, their adaptability, and their contribution as globally capable professionals.
  • Commitment to equity and excellence, reinforcing each other in an environment characterized by uncompromising high standards.
  • Substantial nexus between teaching and research.
  • World-class research clusters and exciting, research-intensive culture.
  • Innovative solutions to social, economic, political, and technological challenges.
  • Considerable and creative contribution to the prosperity and well-being of the nation.
  • Agility and adaptability in building and maintaining productive partnerships with industry, business, and the community.
  • High-performing staff and prestigious national and international partners.
  • Enduring and mutually beneficial relationships with its global alumni.
  • Strong sense of collective purpose.

UniSA educates professionals and citizens to the highest standards, creates and disseminates knowledge, and engages with our communities to address our time's significant issues. UniSA promotes and sustains open intellectual inquiry characterized by high standards of ethics and integrity. Academic rigor, excellence, and relevance underpin our research actions and their application in teaching and learning, and engagement with our communities. UniSA's teaching and research connect strongly with the issues of our local, national, and international stakeholders—students, alumni, staff, partners, professions, government, industry, academic peers, and community groups.

UniSA gives effect to reconciliation with indigenous Australians and builds social cohesion by achieving equitable educational access and outcomes across our diverse student community through research aiming to improve the quality of life and act responsibly as a corporate citizen. UniSA contributes to environmentally, economically, socially, and culturally sustainable development, and we work on reducing our environmental impact. UniSA is outward-looking, welcoming diversity and the wide range of perspectives it brings, international in outlook, collaborative, creative, agile, and enterprising.

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