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Catholic University in Ruzomberok


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We form the mind and the heart in the sense of the Catholic moral, intellectual and academic tradition. We also offer university education and formation and do research leading to the integral development of individuals and society.

This declaration speaks of the Catholic University in Ružomberok (CU) as the place of education, formation, research, scholarship, and publication, of service and community.

CU professes the tradition of Catholic universities worldwide, which wants to defend and support human dignity and cultural heritage. Its mission also reflects answers to the problems and challenges of contemporary life. CU applies Christian principles as an example for forming individuals into responsible people, that is, those who can bring the Gospel´s message of love and solidarity into society. This helps to create and form social attitudes and opinions.

CU pursues this mission by being aware of the presence of God, who gives us the gift of community, and who comes through the community of people. This community consists of theological, liturgical, and spiritual traditions forming the life of the Church. CU, since its founding, continues to emphasize friendly relationships as an example typical for the community in the Catholic Church. The University gains basic inspiration from Jesus Christ as a source of wisdom, and from the belief that He can do all things perfectly.

Mission The Catholic University in Ružomberok is a public university with a religious character. The Conference of Slovak Bishops and the National Council of the Slovak Republic took part in its foundation.

CU performs its activities especially in the areas of the humanities, historical, pedagogical, and social and health sciences, as well as in the areas of art, economics, management, and law.

The main mission of CU is to discover the truth and disseminate it on the grounds of the cause of Truth. According to the Apostolic Constitution of John Paul II, Ex Corde Ecclesiae, “It is the honor and responsibility of a Catholic University to consecrate itself without reserve to the cause of truth. This is its way of serving at the same time both the dignity of man and the good of the Church (…) Catholic University is distinguished by its free search for the whole truth about nature, man and God“ (Introduction part 4). To find the truth, CU undertakes to support knowledge through its research and publications. This responsibility leads to the unity of both staff and students in all areas of academic life, especially in professional education and research activities.

The exchange of knowledge is necessary for any university. Considering this, CU consists of academics and students from different spheres, able to work on its progress. Catholic identity is formed by the work of Catholic intellectuals – they constitute more than half of all academics. The leadership of the university has paid attention to maintaining this ideal since the beginning of CU. From all members of the groves of academe, the university requires respect for its objectives and its willingness to enter into dialogue – which is necessary for its orientation. CU honors academic freedom, which is the basis for the open dialogue necessary for creative scientific research.

CU supports the integral growth of critical thinking and the development of body, soul, and spirit. These attributes characterize educated, intelligent, and independent individuals. CU tries to lead students to recognize and appreciate the work of the human spirit, including the sensibility to help those who suffer from poverty, oppression, and injustice. The mission of the university also concentrates on supporting solidarity and in the interest of the common good. This will bear fruit when the education process serves for the spreading of justice.

CU is a place where streams of Catholic expression – knowledge in the arts, science, and professional experience, as well as every other area of human education and creativity – are united through open discussion and independent research. CU undertakes an active presence of constructive and critical support for culture, which provides leadership for service to society. It encourages a way of life according to the Christian community, which expresses itself in prayer, liturgy, and ministry. This way of life concentrates on the development of a sense of community and responsibility, which will lead students to take part in creating a humane and Christian society.

CU presupposes that no genuine search for truth in the human or cosmic order is contrary to the Christian faith. It supports every scientific activity in correspondence with the university´s mission, which is subordinated to appropriate and critical opinions. Its obligation, as well as its opportunity, is to constantly keep and develop a Catholic spiritual dimension in every area of life. Only in this way can all scientific branches develop Catholic intellectual life as a foundation for the dialogue between religion and culture, between Christian faith and science. CU concentrates on the formation of an authentic community in every area of university life.

ValuesTruth To search for truth and to be willing to share it. Unity  To work for the common aim and apply the principle of subsidiarity. Professionalism With the quality education process, science, and research work toward the progress of individuals. Responsibility Catholic University in Ruzomberok To do good deeds with the best intentions and respect the principle of solidarity.

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