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Scandinavian School of Brussels


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At the Scandinavian School of Brussels, we welcome all students who want a Swedish or International education with a strong European profile. Upper Secondary are divided into Swedish national programs and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme for all nationalities. We are a school where every student is seen as an individual. The students work in a supportive and safe learning environment, characterized by respect and responsibility. We offer every student a creative and challenging academic program.
Maintain a high academic standard to enable students to excel in further studies as European citizens. Allow the student to develop on every level by providing intellectual, as well as sportive, and cultural experiences beyond the classroom and promoting creativity as a basis for all learning. Stimulate critical thinking by emphasizing problem-solving and communication skills in an information-based society. Provide physically and socially safe learning environments where every student benefits from individual coaching. Develop student responsibility regarding environmental challenges facing our generation.
Our Upper Secondary students can choose between the Swedish national programs and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. We offer a multilingual environment – English & French, Nordic languages. We offer a dynamic curriculum – a fantastic learning environment – modern technology tools with effective teachers, inside and outside of school and through study trips. With us, you can reach your highest potential – individual attention for every learner from every teacher allows our students to reach higher goals. We offer a community of support – a safe and supportive network of friends, teachers, and caring adults surround every student. In addition to this, we work together with our parents to support our students. We are a Nordic community thriving in the heart of Europe.
Upper secondary students can also follow the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme, which is open to all international students. SSB has been an IB school since 1985. The teaching and examination language are English, giving the students a bilingual Diploma. The program runs over three years where the first year is introductory Pre-IB. At the end of the two Diploma years, there are final exams. Knowledge and experience with multiple curricula and assessment systems make our staff very qualified in planning, implementing, and measuring student learning. Focused on student results, we work with specific goals and careful follow-up.

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