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Novaschool Sunland International


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Novaschool Sunland International is a private school in Málaga with a British International Curriculum for students from 3 to 18 years old. It’s set in the countryside. Novaschool Sunland International School is set in the countryside, giving students the safe and healthy environment they have always dreamed of. The school is located on a spacious and secure campus of 40,000 square meters to the northwest of Malaga city. It features excellent academic buildings and sports facilities and is set in the attractive wildlife of the Guadalhorce valley.

Novaschool Sunland International is situated in a unique countryside estate of over 40,000 square meters to the northwest of Málaga, in the heart of the Guadalhorce valley. It is surrounded by nature and the buildings blend into the environment whilst offering all the facilities required by a high-level education center. Furthermore, the school benefits from fantastic communications and is easily accessible from the main towns and cities of the coast. The Andalucian Technology Park and Málaga can be reached in just a few minutes. Marbella, Benalmádena, Fuengirola, and other coastal areas are less than 30 minutes away. The primary and secondary schools share the same campus although the buildings are separate. Most secondary classes take place in the building close to the swimming pool, which means that secondary students can enjoy a calm and independent learning environment.

The Novaschool educational group, to which Novaschool Sunland International belongs, bases its educational model on excellence and innovation. It develops these principles in its day-to-day philosophy through four pillars bilingualism, technology, sport, and art. Bilingualism, with languages being fundamental to student learning technology, with tools integrated within education and not just as a study support sport, as part of students´ physical and mental development and the arts, as an essential tool for personal, intellectual development.

For Novaschool centers, innovation is about being at the forefront of educational methods, providing students with an education of the highest level. Novaschool centers offer an innovative educational method rooted in the importance of each student as a human being with intellectual, creative, and artistic potential, as well as motor skills. For this reason, staff receives appropriate training. In Novaschool, excellence means maximizing and developing students´ qualities, whether they be intellectual, physical, or artistic. Everything is carefully and meticulously planned by a qualified group of professionals who encourage integrated development, tolerance, respect, effort, and teamwork to create individuals who are prepared to meet the challenges of life. In keeping with the spirit of the Novaschool group, the objective of Novaschool Sunland International is to work together with parents to:

  • Foster the development of fully bilingual, globally aware students who will strive to develop their talents to the best of their abilities.
  • Provide a framework that will help students to achieve excellence and which recognizes their learning styles and skills.
  • Stress the importance of all human, moral, ethical, spiritual, and social values in personal development.
  • Value each student’s uniqueness and enable them to achieve their ambitions and vocations from a young age, dedicating personal attention to them to encourage and value their characteristics.
  • Foster a genuine awareness and appreciation of Spanish and British cultural heritage.
  • Encourage an understanding of international cultures and values, thereby offering our students, through a sense of fairness, self-discipline, tolerance, and respect, the best possible preparation for living a life where international boundaries are no longer a limitation.
  • Promote respect for the basic units of the society in which our students live, such as the family and local institutions.
  • Develop student awareness of responsibility to the community and the need to apply skills, learning, and experience to make a better future for our world.
  • Give students a deep-rooted pride and affection for the school and its traditions.
  • Encourage concern for the local and global environment and promote its quality and care for future generations.

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