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Australian Institute Of Ultrasound


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Australian Institute of Ultrasound (AIU), an ultrasound training facility that consistently achieves a high standard in our education, customer service, facilities, and governance. We are always seeking innovation and improvement by providing an environment where each student can leave having gained confidence and a greater understanding and knowledge of ultrasound.

At the Australian Institute of Ultrasound, we are proud of our diverse range of courses offered, extensive volunteer network, and the mastery approach to training. The core components of our mastery approach are:

  • Development and maintaintenence of ultrasound workforce skills and competencies.
  • Focus on quality clinical outcomes for the patient.
  • Promotion of excellence and innovation.
  • Promotion of organizational and industry partnership support for evidence-based education.

The AIU operates from purpose-built premises that provide flexible facilities for groups. Our hands-on and theoretical training approach and our partnership with Toshiba and Sonosite ensure that we have the latest advanced equipment and teaching methods. A lot is happening at the AIU! Our continual improvement program ensures that we revise, refine, and update our programs regularly with new evidence-based educational learning. This ongoing assessment meets the evolving nature of advancements in ultrasound technology and the health community's requirements.

Most of our courses offered here at the AIU have been approved as eligible education activities for the Australian Government's Rural Practice Procedural Skills Grants for remote and rural General Practitioners. If you consider that you may be eligible for a grant, please check with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) or Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM).

A variety of colleges accredits our courses; our policy is to provide an innovative approach to ultrasound education, emphasizing hands-on practical training. We have recently introduced several new courses and now offer a diverse selection of ultrasound courses in various areas. Almost all of our ultrasound training courses are accredited or carry CPD points.

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