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Coleg Llandrillo Cymru


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The Grŵp aims to support the economy of North Wales by equipping local people with the skills and qualifications needed to ensure the competitiveness and success of the region. The Grŵp's wide range of courses, high-quality learning experiences, first-class facilities, and talented staff all contribute towards achieving these goals. Additional opportunities to study locally for degrees and professional qualifications enable more young people and mature learners to achieve their potential. A University Centre at the Rhos-on-Sea Campus provides fabulous facilities for the Grŵp's Higher Education students. We aim to ensure that all our learners are treated with respect and that we equip them with the skills and qualities to succeed in life. Strategic Goals:

  • Achieve excellent student success
  • Support employer skills need in a growing North Wales economy
  • Deliver education and training opportunities through active networks and partnerships
  • Be a sustainable and financially Stable organization

We ensure that all learners can access high-quality learning provision, which meets their needs, abilities, and aspirations. We strive to remove all barriers which could prevent learners from participating in our learning programs. We effectively identify the needs of learners requiring additional support and provide appropriate interventions to meet those needs. We are committed to working with a range of community groups and partnerships to increase participation from underrepresented groups. We will ensure that we maintain accurate and easily accessible data, which provides us with precise profiles of our learner cohorts. We will report on an annual basis on the make-up of our learner groups and their comparative performance. We will promote projects and campaigns in order to challenge stereotypes in areas where imbalances are identified. We ensure that our learners have regular and effective mechanisms for voicing their views and opinions on equality issues. We actively encourage our learners to engage in dialogue on equality issues through learner panels and other fora. We are committed to responding to issues raised by learners and communicating any actions taken as a result.

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