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Fayetteville State University


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We come from a proud and distinguished history. FSU is the second oldest state-assisted institution in North Carolina, founded by seven extraordinary black men in 1867 to provide black children education.
Today, our university is a constituent institution of the prestigious University of North Carolina system. We are a comprehensive regional institution with a diverse population of over 6,500 students and over 800 faculty and staff that offers over 60 degrees at the baccalaureate and master's levels, and the doctorate in educational leadership. Noted for excellence in teacher education, FSU has accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) since 1954.
FSU is a significant economic driver to the regions' growth as one of the top three employers in the area (along with Ft. Bragg and the Cape Fear Valley Healthcare System).
Our students and faculty frequently work, study, and partner with the military, local businesses, non-profits, and institutions contributing more than 6,000 hours per semester through our service-learning initiatives. Since 2009, we have given over 100,000 hours of service to the community.
FSU is also a significant resource for cultural enrichment through our distinguished speaker program, our comprehensive performing and fine arts series, and the new Seabrook Series. FSU hosts concerts, dance, music, art shows, and more. We are committed to community outreach and partnership with public schools and, indeed, proud to be providers of economic opportunity and cultural enlightenment for those around us and throughout southeastern North Carolina.
Fayetteville State University (FSU) is a public comprehensive regional university that promotes the educational, social, cultural, and economic transformation of southeastern North Carolina and beyond. The primary mission of FSU is to provide students with the highest quality learning experiences that will produce global citizens and leaders as change agents for shaping the future of the State. Awarding degrees at the baccalaureate and master's levels, and the doctorate in educational leadership, FSU offers programs in teacher education, the arts and sciences, health professions, business and economics, and unique and emerging fields. FSU is an institution of opportunity and diversity. Committed to excellence in teaching, research, scholarship, and service, the university extends its services and programs to the community, including the military, and other educational institutions throughout North Carolina, the nation, and the world.
Fayetteville State University is a leading institution of opportunity and diversity committed to developing learned and responsible global citizens. Fayetteville State University is a historically black university founded in 1867 as the Howard School by seven black men to educate black children. FSU has a tradition of excellence in teacher education and is the second oldest State-supported school in North Carolina. The student body, faculty, and staff today rank among the nation's most diverse campus communities. With program expansion, the university has strong undergraduate and graduate programs in teacher education, the arts and sciences, health professions, business and economics, and is developing programs in unique and emerging fields. FSU has a tradition of collaboration with the Fayetteville/Fort Bragg-Pope Air Force Base community and renders services throughout southeastern North Carolina.FSU has a tradition of affordable education and preparing students to be lifelong learners, be responsible citizens, and render selfless service to humanity.
For 150 years, Fayetteville State University's name has been synonymous with greatness! At the center of that greatness is a vibrant student life that provides vast opportunities to explore, discover, and meet new friends to help you realize your dreams.
Steeped in tradition and bubbling with activities, Student life at FSU is rich with an array of exciting co-curricular experiences. You will find there is always something to do from thriving student organizations, intramural sports, social activities, speakers, and cultural events. Whether you reside on campus in one of the residence halls or commute daily to campus, you will be embraced by the Bronco family and engaged in student life. It is the Bronco Way.
FSU students are looking for a place to call home when they arrive on campus. Here, we provide the opportunity to make the most of your university experience. At FSU, we foster leadership, success, and a place where you can thrive and grow. Here, our students are family. Whether you live in one of the residence halls or are a commuter student, we help you find your place! Our students participate in more than 100 groups and clubs and 10 Division II sports teams. They also serve in leadership positions, participate in community service, and work jobs. At FSU, our city embraces our students and campus. We have some of the best fans in the State and the student body and others from the FSU alumni and family participate in annual events such as Homecoming and our Fine Arts programs. At FSU, there is always something to do and someone to do it with. There is something for everyone.
At FSU, we celebrate diversity. We are a diverse public university and have students from various cultures, backgrounds, ethnicities, and ages. At FSU, you will make friends from all walks of life.
No matter where you choose to live, we will make you feel at home in one of our three freshmen communities or six upper-class housing options. Resident Advisors foster cohesive communities and all-around fun. Each university community provides free laundry facilities, WIFI, cable service, and free bus passes for University residence hall students.
At a University that is celebrating its Sesquicentennial, there are more than 200 celebrations and traditions at FSU. From our numerous sporting events and the Annual Homecoming Game and Parade that brought out a record number of fans and spectators this year, to unending opportunities to get involved in or become a spectator to our various Fine Arts activities, at FSU, there is always something going on and happening.
It is our job to keep you safe, and we take that responsibility seriously. From a police department post-on-campus that patrols regularly and is available 24/7 to extra precautions and safety measures all over campus, we want you to feel safe at home on campus.

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