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Emory and Henry College


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Located in the Highlands of Virginia, Emory & Henry has devoted itself since 1836 to believe that education can positively affect an individual, a place, and, ultimately, the wider world.
Emory & Henry College is named for Bishop John Emory, an eminent Methodist church leader, and Patrick Henry, a patriot of the American Revolution and Virginia’s first governor. Together they symbolize the college’s dual emphasis on spiritual growth and civic engagement.
Inspired by the motto “Increase in Excellence,” the first faculty challenged students to grow intellectually, spiritually, and physically. Today, our mission focuses on students as they follow a path of intellectual and spiritual growth on their way to successful futures. In turn, that mission is extended to others through a broad program of active engagement and community service.
You will discover that Emory & Henry is a place of the promise made up of warm-hearted, caring people who care about your fulfillment. This community embraces people from all walks of life as they work together to improve the individual and the world. We are people with a mission and a long history devoted to transforming lives and increasing excellence.
We affirm the Christian faith as our spiritual and moral heritage and encourage all our members to grow in faith as they grow in knowledge. We believe in the worth of each person’s religious and cultural heritage since that heritage leads to service to others in our region and the larger world.
We affirm the liberal arts as our intellectual foundation and believe that excellence results when everyone actively participates in the educational process. We challenge all persons to confront historical and contemporary ideas and issues and develop the ability to think critically about all human experience areas.These traditions provide the context for our pursuit of excellence, as we engage a diverse group of well-qualified men and women in educational experiences that lead to lives of service, productive careers, and global citizenship.
You will read it. You will work in the community. You will meet interesting people. You will confront difficult issues. You will be enlightened, intrigued, challenged, encouraged, guided, and set free to explore. You will share and talk and explain your point of view. At Emory & Henry, you will learn to be a contributing member of your community. You will find your place in a global society.
Spiritual Life at Emory & Henry seeks to provide a place where all students may journey together as they seek to deepen their understanding. We offer a welcoming atmosphere in which everyone may feel God’s presence and peace.Whether you are looking for a group to join on your college faith journey, a place and time for worship, study, or prayer, or are considering ministry as a profession—find your place in Spiritual Life at Emory & Henry College.
You will discover that learning does not begin or end with school: it is a lifelong pursuit. Moreover, those who join that pursuit are the ones who live the best lives. We invite you to learn more about our curriculum, campus, and commitment to you by scheduling a personalized visit where you can meet with a professor, sit-in a college class, discuss college fit and even enjoy a meal on us. If you cannot make it to campus, take our virtual tour, and contact your admissions counselor.
The average Emory & Henry College student is one who not only excels in the classroom but is involved in co-curricular programs as well. Whether through membership and leadership in student organizations, participation in intramural events and outdoor adventures, exploring religious and spiritual opportunities or being active in residence hall programming, the E&H student is engaged and learning in many exciting areas of campus life.
Emory & Henry College, founded in 1836, stands as the oldest college in Southwest Virginia. The central campus is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Historic Landmarks Register.
Construction of the main Emory & Henry campus began in 1836, and the first students were enrolled in 1838. Emory & Henry College is one of the few in the South that has operated for more than 181 years under the same name and continued affiliation with the founding organization. The founding organization was the Holston Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and Emory & Henry’s church-relatedness remains strong. Today Emory & Henry is one of 122 institutions affiliated with The United Methodist Church.
Because of its distinguished history, the central campus of Emory & Henry is designated as a “historic district” on the National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Historic Landmarks Register. Emory & Henry was granted the honor of pioneering in efforts to establish higher education in rural Southwest Virginia.
Currently, Emory & Henry enrolls over 1,000 undergraduate students, almost equally divided between men and women, along with a growing number of graduate students both on the main campus and at the school of health sciences. These students join with a dynamic faculty and staff to pursue the college’s motto: Macte virtue, “Increase in Excellence.” Committed to the concept of liberal arts education, a desire for education of high quality, and a concern for spiritual and ethical issues, members of the college community are proud of its past and excited about the future.

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