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The Warren Centre brings industry, government, and academia together to create thought leadership in engineering, technology, and innovation. We continuously challenge economic, legal, environmental, social, and political paradigms to open possibilities for innovation and technology and build a better future.
The Warren Centre advocates for the importance of science, technology, and innovation. Our 30 years of experience in leading the conversation through projects, promotion, and independent advice drives Australian entrepreneurship and economic growth. The Warren Centre provides independent advice on technology and innovation to the government and industry. We leap ahead of what people are thinking about today and focus on the places where technology is taking society.
The Warren Centre promotes excellence in innovation through delivering collaborative projects, supporting and recognizing innovators across the profession, and providing independent advice to government and industry. The Warren Centre is always on the lookout for talented people to work with us across our project areas.
We frequently provide opportunities to work with The Warren Centre, on dedicated projects or as part of our support team. These opportunities include paid work positions and unpaid internships/volunteering opportunities. The latter may contribute to Industry Experience Engagement or Continuing Professional Development hours.
Under the draft Constitution proposed by the Centenary Committee, the relationship between the Centre and the University was to be quite unusual: it would be an independent institute affiliated with the Engineering Faculty, with its relationship with the University and the Faculty set out to ensure it would remain independent and committed solely to ‘fostering excellence and innovation in advanced engineering.’ This mandate continues to the present day.
Innovation is vital for turning good ideas into commercial reality and is an area where Australia has often lagged behind international competitors. The Warren Centre is one of the most passionate advocates for Australian innovation.
The Warren Centre’s Inclusion² program is the first comprehensive career approach to support women in science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM). Currently, female talent is being lost at every stage of the STEM pipeline. In this rapid technological change period, society requires innovative and adaptive STEM solutions delivered by a diverse cohort of industry leaders. Inclusion² is a multi-tiered program addressing the barriers to diversity in STEM from school to senior executive.

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