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Shafston International College (Gold Coast)


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Shafston has been operating for 22 years, educating students in both English language and Vocational Courses. There have been more than 120,000 students educated at Shafston from over 100 nations since its foundation in 1996. The school has received numerous accolades, including being rated the number 1 English school in Australia in 2013 and 2014.

Choosing the right college is one of the most important decisions you will ever make because your time as a student should be one of the most exciting and challenging periods in your life. In choosing Shafston, you will join celebrated alumni who have studied successfully here over the past 20 years and seen Shafston grow into a vibrant college with active and enthusiastic students and faculty. Shafston takes great pride in being counted amongst the best educational precincts in the world.

Quality is always the result of hard work, sincere efforts, vision, and skillful execution. Our leading-edge infrastructure, along with our dedication to teaching and learning, gives our students the ideal platform to succeed at Shafston and beyond. As proud as we are of our ability to educate the mind, we are equally proud of our ability to nurture our students' individual qualities. Preparing students for meaningful and purposeful lives is at the core of Shafston's mission.

We believe that all students should be challenged to achieve their highest standards. This can only be attained through our sustained focus on the quality of our courses. Our dedicated teachers and support staff ensure that Shafston is a safe, happy, and caring environment for all.

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