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Dickinson State University is a regional four-year institution within the North Dakota University System, whose primary role is to contribute to the intellectual, social, economic, and cultural development, especially to Southwestern North Dakota. The University's mission is to provide high-quality, accessible programs to promote excellence in teaching and learning to support scholarly and creative activities, and provide service relevant to the State of North Dakota's economy, health, and quality of life.
Working for an academic institution can be a rewarding and life-changing experience. Dickinson State University might have a position open within one of our offices or departments that could be the perfect fit for you.
Institutional Research and Planning at Dickinson State provides the public with information about the institution and assists the University in gathering and assessing data to inform campus decision making.
Choosing to attend college is a momentous decision. Whether your plan involves a two or four-year degree or you are pursuing a certificate program, you will find that DSU's low tuition, impressive job placement rates, and wide range of academic programs provide a solid starting point for a variety of outcomes. The staff in admissions, financial aid, and international programs are here to help you through the admissions process.
DSU is dedicated to providing our students with a secure environment to encourage learning and personal growth. Through on-campus living, you will learn how to contribute to a community of fellow students and professionals from different locations worldwide.
The Dickinson State University Store allows students who are currently enrolled with no outstanding charges to purchase books and supplies and charge them to their Dickinson State University account. Students are not required to purchase their books and supplies at the University Store. If students choose to opt-out of this option, they must have another payment method or wait until financial aid is disbursed, and excess funds are available. Students who choose to opt-out may purchase course materials from sources other than the University Store.
At Dickinson State University, students enjoy an innovative and personalized education. With a 10:1 student-faculty ratio, our professors know their students by name and can offer them one-on-one assistance. With access to state-of-the-art technology in laboratories and classrooms across campus, students gain the skills necessary to ensure a successful future in the corporate world. These aspects guarantee one thing for our students: an enriching experience at DSU.
As each student comes from a unique situation or community from around the world, DSU offers specialized assistance to ensure you get the most out of your campus experience.
With numerous fields of study to choose from and knowledgeable professionals to guide you along the way, DSU will provide you with the tools you need to make the best choice for your future. The Theodore Honors Leadership Program challenges high caliber students to become excited about learning and achieving personal goals. It prepares leaders for service in the community, the nation, and the world.
At DSU, we live by the Blue Hawk Bond - actively fostering a sense of connectedness and expanding a culture of care. To be a Blue Hawk means embracing principles of being disciplined, open, celebrative, just, caring, and purposeful. Once a Blue Hawk, Always a Blue Hawk. The One Stop office is a student service center that provides information about your student account, financial aid, scholarships, tuition, bill payment, registration, and student records – all in one convenient location.
Career Development, Disability Services, International Programs, Housing and Dining, Academic Support, and Tutoring are just a few of the resources you can access in the Student Opportunity and Resource (SOAR) Center. Dickinson State University began on June 24, 1918, where 104 students attended the Dickinson State Normal School classes.The newly established school had no buildings, so classes were held at Dickinson High School under Dickinson School District Superintendent Peter S. Berg. This was the first official action of the Dickinson State Normal School.
The sessions were free of charge to the 104 students who attended, although they paid their room and board. Subsequent classes were held at the historic Elks Building until May Hall was completed in 1924. The push to create a Normal School at Dickinson stemmed from the intense need in rural areas for qualified teachers. In the early 1900s, fewer than 25 percent of the teachers in the western half of North Dakota were certified to be teachers.
One hundred items from the DSU archives were selected to be scanned as part of the Digital Horizon projects, an online treasure house of images, documents, video, and oral histories depicting life on the Northern Plains 1800s to today. It is an initiative of a consortium that includes Concordia College Archives, NDSU Institute for Regional Studies & University Archives, the State Historical Society of North Dakota, and Prairie Public Broadcasting.
Dickinson State Normal School held its first commencement exercises on Thursday, July 29, 1920. President Samuel T. May gave the commencement address, admonishing the class of 18 men and women to take a greater interest in United States citizenship as the most critical factor in the country's future welfare.

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