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Our position in the heart of a leading Conservatoire and connection to a University with a robust social agenda makes us highly distinctive both in Australia and internationally. This unique positioning allows us to combine cutting edge creativity and artistry with innovative approaches to social engagement, social justice, and social change. Since our beginnings in 2003, we have remained committed to exploring the complex and multifaceted role music plays in contemporary society and continued to champion music research that is imaginative in content and design, interdisciplinary in nature, and dedicated to addressing the pressing needs of our time.

A firm belief underpins our research that music has a significant role to play in addressing some of the most challenging issues facing our generation, whether it be climate change, health equity, social justice, resistance from crime, poverty alleviation, community wellbeing, or cultural sustainability, to mention a few. Our researchers do this by working in collaborative and interdisciplinary teams alongside communities and industry and by harnessing new technologies and inviting the public to play a role in our events, installations, and performances.

Over the past 15 years, QCRC members have produced a significant body of work that has made a significant contribution to music research. This has included books, chapters, journal articles, reports, and industry pieces aimed at a broader readership through high-profile publishers. Our creative work has been featured in leading festivals, recordings, the concert stage, and digital media. We have remained committed to being critical players in our national and international communities of music practice, and in 2018 QCRC researchers will continue to travel the world presenting keynotes at leading disciplinary conferences, performing at celebrated national and international festivals and events, and disseminating our creative and text-based work online and through extensive networks.

The Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre undertakes cutting-edge research that tackles the complex and multifaceted role music plays in contemporary society. Our research is continuing to drive global impact through our diverse programs, community engagement initiatives, and remarkable partnerships.

We collaborate with national and international partners and stakeholders to cultivate projects that are imaginative in content and design, interdisciplinary in nature, and dedicated to addressing our time's pressing needs.

At QCRC, we are practicing musicians. We seek to understand, enhance, and share the creative processes within our music-making and beyond. We aim to explore performance practices across various cultural and historical contexts, compositional approaches and their interpretation, technological innovations including audio recording, multimedia performance, and instrument building.

At QCRC, we are active community members. We seek to work hand-in-hand with communities to explore music's role in promoting cultural and environmental sustainability, health equity, and social justice. Within this area, we provide an activist space for researchers and community members to work on projects that harness music's potential for addressing the most pressing issues of our time.

We seek to explore holistic ways of supporting emerging musicians and those seeking to sustain themselves as musicians over time. We aim to explore lifelong learning processes, professional development practices, and pedagogical and curriculum approaches to fostering livelihoods, wellbeing, and artistic citizenship within a portfolio career reality.

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