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Dallas Christian College educates and mentors students to be people of influence, engaging in their calling to Christ'sChrist's work in the Church and the world.

Empowered by God'sGod's strength and guidance, Dallas Christian College looks toward a future in which the College thrives to accomplish her mission better. What does it look like to thrive? DCC'sDCC's vision to thrive includes five points.

  1. Becoming and being perceived by the Church (especially the Restoration Movement churches in the Southwest) is an integral part of the Church's disciple-making ministry.
  2. Becoming a financially-strong college through stable and diverse revenue streams (enrollment, donation, and auxiliary revenue sources).
  3. Expanding and positioning programs (academic and co-curricular) to be viable and sustainable beyond governmental and accreditation recognition.
  4. Demonstrably making a significant (qualitatively and quantitatively) impact in strategic areas of Kingdom and Great Commission work through the effective ministries and careers of alumni.
  5. Collaborating and partnering with churches, para-church ministries, and Christian colleges and universities to expand the mission and increase DCC's effectiveness and mutually strengthen it and partner organizations.

Our mission is to educate and mentor students to be people of influence, engaging in their calling to Christ's work in the Church and the world. To fulfill it, we have created a unique blend of programs to equip you for your chosen service field. There are only a few colleges anywhere in the world that can match this robust blend of educating and mentoring at the level we have created.

DCC's academic programs combine excellent professors, a strong biblical foundation, and opportunities for supervised experience. Our mentoring programs begin in the classroom and permeate all student activities, from academic tutoring and life coaching to spiritual formation and professional development. This distinctive combination provides a dynamic environment where you will grow academically and spiritually toward a life of influence.

You have been called to do something with your life. Now it'sits time to take that next step by applying to Dallas Christian College. Whether you need help figuring out your calling or already know it, and you need help to pursue it aggressively, DCC will help you get to where you want to go!

Whether you are pursuing your degree on-campus or online, whether you are a first-time freshman or transferring in to finish your degree, we have got a variety of academic programs, the flexibility of class times, and a variety of learning formats to allow you to achieve your goals. Our academic programs and your DCC experience will prepare you for both a career and for your life. College shouldn'tshouldn't be just about getting you a degree. It'sIt's more than that. It'sIt is about preparing you for a life of influence.

We encourage you to browse our website to learn more about the variety of DCC'sDCC's academic programs, athletic teams, student life opportunities, and our different learning platforms (traditional & FLEXCampus). If you have any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call. We'd We would love to chat and partner with you as you pursue the next step in your life.

The educational programs of Dallas Christian College produce graduates who can influence others in various settings, including ministry, business, and education. All DCC's degree programs meet ABHE requirements for a balanced curriculum in Bible, general education, and specialized or professional studies. This reflects the College'sCollege's conviction that knowledge of the Bible is essential to education.

Dallas Christian College seeks to educate and mentor students to be people of influence, under God'sGod's influence, for a life of influence. The educational programs seek to produce graduates who can influence others in various ministry settings and education, business, and psychology. Since God is the source of all wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, and since all of creation is His, education logically begins from Him. In light of this, all College courses begin from the assumption that all real knowledge, biblical and otherwise, comes from God and should be judged in light of His word. The General Education curriculum emerges from the College'sCollege's conviction that all students need an understanding of themselves, their world, and their community, combined with the ability to think and communicate effectively. This curriculum is required in all degree plans. This foundation prepares students to apply this knowledge in their major and become people of godly influence who appreciate God'sGod's entire domain.

Our Statement of Faith states the College'sCollege's biblically-oriented and Christ-centered instruction, which emphasizes spiritual concerns, loyalty to the Restoration Movement's historical ideals, and the unity of all Christians.

All trustees, faculty members, and other persons acting as recognized representatives of this institution shall be willing sincerely to affirm and contend for the statement: That the Bible or Holy Scriptures alone is the divinely inspired Word of God, and therein is contained the revelation of the deity of Jesus Christ, the plan of salvation for humanity, and the faith and work of the Church furthermore, that the testimony of such Scriptures testifies to prophecy concerning His advent, virgin birth, miraculous life, blood atonement, bodily resurrection, ascension into heaven, and final return, and is expressly and historically accurate in the commonly accepted meaning of the terms also, that the Church of the New Testament ought everywhere to be restored with its divine plan of admission: faith, repentance, and baptism, with consequent godly life and finally, that the Scriptures are wholly sufficient to build the kingdom of God. The College'sCollege's biblically-oriented and Christ-centered instruction emphasizes spiritual concerns, loyalty to the Restoration Movement's historical ideals, and the unity of all Christians.

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