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Welcome to the website of Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C), the first and largest community college in the state of Ohio. At Tri-C, we believe that everyone who has a goal and is willing to work hard to achieve that goal should be allowed to succeed through the availability of high-quality, accessible, and affordable education. Student success is the focus of our activity. For more than 50 years, Tri-C has provided high quality, affordable education and programs to more than 900,000 members. Tuition at Tri-C is the lowest in the state of Ohio. Each semester Tri-C offers more than 1,000 credit courses in more than 190 career and technical programs and liberal arts curricula. Tri-C also grants Short-Term Certificates, Certificates of Proficiency, and Post-Degree Professional Certificates.
More than 600 non-credit workforce and professional development courses are offered each year. The College serves more than 50,000 credit and non-credit students annually and offers day, evening, and weekend classes via television, the Internet, and independent learning. Tri-C offers more than 800 Distance Learning courses and more than 130 courses at various locations throughout the community, close to home and work.
Tri-C's campuses in Parma, Highland Hills, Westlake, and downtown Cleveland, and its Corporate College locations in Warrensville Heights and Westlake, provide state of the art facilities and equipment. The College also opened a Hospitality Management Center on Public Square in downtown Cleveland in 2010 and the Brunswick University Center. The College ranks 1st in Ohio and 25th in the nation in conferring associate degrees - all disciplines.
To provide high quality, accessible, and affordable educational opportunities and services — including university transfer, technical and lifelong learning programs —that promote individual development and improve the overall quality of life in a multicultural community.
Cuyahoga Community College will be recognized as an exemplary teaching and learning community that fosters service and student success. The College will be a valued resource and leader in academic quality, cultural enrichment, and economic development characterized by continuous improvement, innovation, and community responsiveness.
To successfully fulfill the mission and vision, Cuyahoga Community College is consciously committed to diversity, integrity, academic excellence, and achievement of individual and institutional goals. We are dedicated to building trust, respect, and confidence among our colleagues, students, and the community.

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