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University of Southern Queensland


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We are the number 1 University in Queensland for graduate employability. A recognized leader in online and blended education, we are renowned for our supportive environment and student-focused commitment to learning and teaching. Our vision is to employ world-leading research to help create world-changing results. From driverless tractors that help farmers do more with less to discover new planets that will help us better look after our own, we are proud to deliver thinking that works.

At USQ, we are fostering a values-driven culture - one that is built around relationships and community, mutual respect, diversity and inclusion, and a strong commitment to ethics and integrity, collaboration, creativity, and innovation. We believe that every individual has a role to play in bringing our values to life. Our people live out the USQ values every day through the positive, supportive, and meaningful relationships they create with their peers, students, and the community. USQ values: Respect, Integrity, and Excellence.

We are fostering an inclusive environment that embraces differences and supports, values, and respects all individuals' unique perspectives and approaches. USQ is committed to widening the participation and accessibility of higher education in the community. Through several initiatives, including equity programs, events, scholarships, and education pathways, we aim to support employees and students to achieve their full potential.

Our student cohort is diverse, with 75% of our students choosing to study online. We also support a sizeable mature-aged population and students from rural and remote areas, non-English speaking backgrounds, students with disabilities, and students from low socio-economic status backgrounds. To assist these groups in accessing higher education, we offer a range of pathway programs.

USQ proudly supports, values, and respects the wide variety of cultural identities, languages, and beliefs within the university. USQ provides our students and employees with a safe environment where they can respectfully and openly express ideas and opinions regardless of their cultural identity or religious affiliation.

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