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Crossroads College is a four-year, coeducational, post-secondary Christian institution. Crossroads College is a College: It offers a general course of study in the liberal arts leading to an associate's and bachelor's degrees. It also offers specialized instruction in vocational ministries and other professions. Its primary focus is teaching rather than research.
Crossroads College is a Bible College: It requires all students a substantial core of biblical studies and spiritual formation and Christian service experiences. Personal dedication to Christ, the development of Christian lifestyle, and dedication to ministry according to one's gifts are viewed as essential. Crossroads employs God's self-revelation in history, as described in the Scriptures, as the integrating instrument for its educational programs.
A Christian worldview, grounded in the Scriptures, enables students to view Life holistically, giving meaning and purpose to the College's knowledge and skills. This does not mean that only the text of the Bible is taught, but that the Bible's message is at the core of this College's commitment.
Crossroads College is not an island apart from human experience but is involved in this world as a human institution with a divine, dynamic purpose.
Crossroads College serves Christ and His Church through academic excellence in a Christ-centered education by developing Christian leaders. They impact Christ's world and providing resources that strengthen churches and enrich the community.
Educators assess. Assessment is one of the critical elements of any classroom, program, or institutional activity, and it belongs at the core of a college's mission. The Institutional Effectiveness Office at Crossroads College is responsible for coordinating the College's formal assessment program. The primary assessment activities of colleges occur in all the places where the College performs its mission. The purpose of the Institutional Effectiveness Office is to locate those places, gather the assessment data, and put it into a format that allows the various departments and personnel to refine and enhance the mission of Crossroads College.
Crossroads College offers a rigorous academic program that will challenge you to think critically about Scripture, the Church, and the culture in which we live. As a Crossroads student, you will make a severe engagement with modern culture in all of its forms. You will learn how to think, not what to think.
Crossroads is a Christian college that places a great emphasis on the unity of the Church. We welcome students from a broad spectrum of Christian denominations, making Crossroads a diverse campus where classroom discussions reflect various perspectives.
As a Crossroads student, you will study under a top-notch faculty that will know you by name. Since we have a student to faculty ratio of 10:1, you'll study in a small classroom setting where you'll become well-acquainted with your professors and your peers. You'll study in a setting where the end goal is much more than head knowledge acquisition.Crossroads College takes the formation of Christian character very seriously. Here, in every endeavor, you'll be challenged to "put on Christ." You will choose from 13 academic majors and nine minors, which will prepare you for a career in various fields.
Moreover, whatever major you choose, you'll be well-grounded in the Christian scriptures, as all four-year graduates of Crossroads earn a major in Biblical Studies and Theology. In the classroom at Crossroads College, you'll find that it's true: Christ is our Life.
The faculty and administration of Crossroads College are bound by deep personal conviction to be true to the principles and goals of distinctively Christian education. The College champions the lordship of Christ and the authority of the Bible over all of Life. We believe the gospel of Christ and the Church to be the divinely appointed agencies for the evangelization of the world through regeneration by the indwelling Holy Spirit. We believe that it is possible to be alert to changing currents of thought without sacrificing a firm and resolute faith in God's revelation as found in Scripture. We are satisfied to be Christian in all our personal and educational pursuits as God gives us the grace to fulfill that goal.
The faculty and administration are also committed to the Restoration Movement's ideals as these find expression and authority in Scripture. Accordingly, Crossroads College firmly advocates the unity of all believers under the lordship of Christ, the reformation of the Church as it is ideally depicted in Scripture, and the world's evangelization.
The Extension Class Program consists of 16 semester hours of college-level courses taught by qualified staff members of Deaf Missions. These classes are offered during the spring semester. Students selected for the program spend one semester in the Council Bluffs/Omaha area, which is a national center for ministry to the deaf. There they benefit from an intensive, comprehensive curriculum that includes classroom instruction, guest lectures, and field trips. Students also receive on-the-job training through supervised teaching at deaf schools and camps, preparation of Bible visuals for deaf people, and conducting worship services for deaf people in area churches.
Students usually live in a special housing on the campus of Iowa School for the Deaf in Council Bluffs, about two miles from Deaf Missions. They eat in the school cafeteria with deaf students. Classes meet in a classroom provided for Deaf Missions at ISD. Deaf Missions provides transportation for field trips and other group assignments.

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