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Cornerstone University's identity, mission, and vision statements reflect the campus community's recognition of the centrality of Jesus Christ. As an interdenominational institution located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Cornerstone offers traditional undergraduate programs and adult undergraduate and graduate programs through the Professional & Graduate Studies division, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, and Asia Biblical Theological Seminary.
Cornerstone exists to empower men and women to excel as influencers in our world for Christ by offering a student-focused learning community where Jesus Christ is central. We aspire to create a thriving community of entirely devoted followers of Jesus in a spiritually contagious, academically excellent, richly resourced, and culturally diverse learning environment that attracts outstanding students, faculty, and staff who influence our world for Christ, His church, and His kingdom.
At Cornerstone University and Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, we are committed to helping students succeed, whatever that may look like for them. We take our role seriously to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions they will need to thrive in their present and future vocation.
In our desire to express the value of a Cornerstone education, CU is committed to publishing data regarding retention rates, graduation rates, placement rates, licensure rates, and other relevant information related to the university's student outcomes at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.
As an interdenominational, unwaveringly Christ-centered university, our commitment to preparing followers of Christ is essential to all we do. Our unique, comprehensive Cornerstone Virtue Project integrates every part of the campus experience—from academics to athletics—to nurture a Christ-follower's nine critical virtues. Christ Chapel also embodies our commitment to Christ by housing our vibrant chapel program and serving as a lab for our thriving Worship Arts program.
Success in college and life depends on making good choices. Our Center for Career and Life Calling and unique LifePath approach equip you to understand your distinctive qualities and make the right choice of major, paving the way to uncovering your God-given purpose in life.
Whether it is having lunch with a professor in the Dining Commons or experiencing a faculty-led trip to Ireland, education at Cornerstone is both rigorous and relational. According to our nationally-normed course evaluations conducted each semester, instructional effectiveness at Cornerstone is rated as "unusually high" among our peers. Online summer courses at a discounted tuition rate enable you to graduate ahead of schedule. Select degree tracks offer a three-year program plan, allowing you to reduce your tuition cost and invest in your career one year ahead of schedule.
At CU, we are committed to "life together." Your immersion into our community begins with Terra Firma, our year-long program that places each first-year student in a cohort of twelve fellow students led by a faculty or staff mentor. That sense of community is enhanced and reinforced by the privilege of living together in a four-year residential setting.
Cornerstone's home city, Grand Rapids, Michigan, is rated as one of the top small cities in America and offers a vibrant urban setting for professional experiences. Downtown Grand Rapids, located just ten minutes from campus, is a central artistic and cultural hub and offers prime internship, networking, and career opportunities. Our professors are distinguished not just by their academic credentials but also by their commitment to invest in students' lives. Visit campus to meet our faculty and experience the Cornerstone Edge first-hand.
At Cornerstone University, our students, faculty, and staff are professing believers in Christ. This means that we come together to create a thriving, student-focused community where Jesus Christ is central. Our passion for Him will inspire you to think beyond your career, embrace your calling and build a life that matters. As an academic institution, Cornerstone is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, Michigan State Board of Education, Association of Christian Schools International, National Association of Schools of Music, and Council on Social Work Education.
Cornerstone University's Professional & Graduate Studies division places a high value on the assessment of student learning. Our faculty carries a strong sense of responsibility to provide excellence in adult education. To that end, CU is utterly transparent regarding assessing student outcomes and the disclosure of educational effectiveness. CU values such reviews for our stewardship, critical feedback in the process of organizational learning, and as a matter of integrity with our students.
The effectiveness of the PGS division's educational programs is assessed in a disciplined and routine manner. Achievement of the intended student learning outcomes of our curriculum, student and alumni satisfaction, readiness for ministry of our students, and vocational achievement of our graduates are assessed through various instruments and processes.
Transferring colleges can seem like a challenging process. We are here to partner with you to see if this is the direction that God is leading you toward. We are committed to being very transparent about the length of time it will take to complete your degree, making sure you do not spend more money and time than you need to in the process. In order to develop a better understanding of how your credits will transfer to Cornerstone, please view our transfer guides.

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