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Concordia University, Texas


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Concordia University Texas is a regionally accredited institution of higher education, offering undergraduate and graduate degrees through various delivery methods, including online and accelerated learning. A privately held, liberal arts university, Concordia is affiliated with The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. It is a member of the highly respected Concordia University System, in which more than 36,000 students are enrolled nationwide.
The core purpose of CTX is to cultivate goodness, truth, and beauty. This is accomplished within our community through the values of Christ-centered, caring for people, vocation, life-long learning, courage, and trust.
We incorporate discussion-based lectures, hands-on learning, and real-world experience outside the classroom in all of our programs. With small class sizes and a caring community, students have the opportunity to engage with the curriculum.
Concordia University Texas is the premier University where the adventure of faith, learning, and life-changing experiences leads to meaningful work.
The Office of Student Services and Student Activities facilitates most co-curricular events, organizations, and programs. This includes student government, intramural sports, social activities, school spirit/traditions, student organizations, Week of Welcome, and more! Inquiries about any of these groups, activities, or programs - or anything found on the following pages below - can be directed to the Office of Student Life.
We know that applying for Financial Aid can be an overwhelming task! Whether this is your first time to apply or your last, you can count on your Admissions Counselor and Student Financial Planner to walk you through the financial aid and payment process.
We are dedicated to serving our students by effectively administering federal, state, and institutional financial aid programs while modeling Christian leadership.
Concordia is an excellent choice to further your education. The classes you take will impact your future career. The activities you engage in will develop your leadership abilities. The friends you make will offer lifelong relationships. Your college experience as a whole will help shape the person you become, your values and ethics, and how you make decisions.
The Office of Student Activities oversees all student organizations and views their efforts as an essential extension of Concordia University's mission of developing Christian leaders. Student organizations provide leadership opportunities, facilitate community, and encourage life-long learning. Involvement in a student organization also helps provide students with a great way to get involved on campus.
Successfully reaching your educational goals can be stressful when you need support, whether for academic coaching, personal counseling, or academic accommodations, the Success Center is available to help you. We offer the unique Concordia Westfield House Programme - Cambridge, which is a semester in Liberal Arts Theology in one of the world's premier sites for higher learning, and just an hour outside of London, and all in a Lutheran Christian setting.
International Studies Abroad (ISA) is the most popular provider of long-term study programs for CTX students and a trusted source of full-service study abroad programs worldwide.AHA International offers you the opportunity to study a variety of disciplines all over Europe. Our CTX Travel Courses offer students a few key destinations each year. These programs are usually two weeks long and offer 3-6 semester credits. Travel Courses are very affordable since 100% of financial aid applies to tuition. Ground costs (flights, hotels, food, etc.) are extra.
If you are currently receiving a merit (academic) scholarship from Concordia, that will not carry over to a semester off-campus. Merit scholarships will kick in again when you are back on campus.CTX Travel Courses are eligible for 100% of financial aid. If you choose a spring or fall Travel course, tuition can be rolled into your full-time bill if your total hours are less than 18.
On the northern outskirts of Austin, Texas, a parcel of land was selected to become Concordia's new home. The selection of an appropriate site is instrumental to any institution's success, and it would be the same for Concordia. However, some were skeptical of the location given its distance from downtown, while others consider even the acreage excessive. Is Concordia overextending itself? Is this the right decision?
Those were some of the sentiments in 1926 when a 20-acre site along East Avenue north of downtown Austin was selected for the new high school. Looking back, the concerns over location and size seem humorous with its location so close to downtown. The Austin of 1926 was very different from the Austin of 2008. In the twenty-first century of urban sprawl, it can be challenging to imagine vast, open countryside just a few miles north of the Capital. Much has changed. Over the years, a quiet broad thoroughfare known as East Avenue was replaced by the concrete of a double-decked interstate populated by roaring traffic. Open fields were replaced by dense development and an airport that has already come and gone. However, through it all, Concordia remained and flourished by God's grace on that small tract of land between Red River and Interstate 35.
Expansion of services will also allow the University to reach out to the community and the church, broadening external relationships and image. Combining these will create a new, healthier future for Concordia and deepen the foundation on which it is built.

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