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Concordia University, California


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Concordia University Irvine, guided by the Great Commission of Christ Jesus and the Lutheran Confessions, empowers students through the liberal arts and professional studies for lives of learning, service, and leadership.
Concordia University Irvine prepares students for their vocations—their various callings in life. CUI offers undergraduate, graduate, and online degree programs in a beautiful Southern California location, with online and regional cohort options. Concordia's undergraduate program is distinctive among universities in California because of its nationally recognized Enduring Questions & Ideas (Q&I) Core program, and its Lutheran heritage that provides a thoughtful and caring Christian community that lives out the theology of "Grace Alone. Faith Alone."
At Concordia Irvine, we are dedicated not only to fostering a love for lifelong learning, but to shaping a coherent and comprehensive view of the world, of humanity, and of the God who created and redeemed both. We foster an intellectual pursuit of that which is true, a moral commitment to that which is good, and an aesthetic appreciation of beauty.
At Concordia University Irvine, marketing is a comprehensive and collaborative process in which administrative and academic leadership work together to develop and manage revenue-generating, mission-aligned programs for multiple higher education markets.
Essentially, the role of marketing is to understand market dynamics and leverage them to our advantage in ethical and consistent ways with our mission. Thus, the University's marketing planning process focuses on offering market-sensitive academic programs (product), convenient delivery system options (place), inbound and outbound marketing strategies (promotion), and competitive tuition and financial aid (price).
The Office of Marketing and Communications leads marketing and branding initiatives for the University, collaborating with university and program leadership to advance its mission and brand and assist its programs in recruiting students and fundraising by developing promotional strategies.
Our work is mostly at the top of the admissions funnel for tuition revenue programs and at the bottom of our fundraising program's giving pyramid. In other words, our work is about content creation across channels and platforms, establishing and affirming brand, increasing name awareness, and generating inquiries and applications.
Although we are involved beyond those points in the purchase and donor cycles, Undergraduate Admissions, Graduate & Adult Admissions, the University Foundation, and program personnel largely lead conversion and cultivation strategies and tactics.
The MarCom team comprises CUI employees, contracted partners, and vendors that provide expertise and develop data-based strategies and tactics across channels and platforms to meet university goals.
Financial aid is a monetary assistance program provided to students for education costs in scholarships, grants, awards, part-time employment, and loans. It includes federal aid, state aid, private or outside aid, and aid from Concordia University.
Let us help you find the answers. Our financial aid counselors will be happy to meet with you to evaluate your specific situation and discuss financial aid opportunities and strategies to obtain your B.A. degree. Concordia is well known for its individualized attention. We are here to help.
The Assessment and Care Committee is committed to the mission of the University by providing early intervention for students whose actions pose a concern to personal health and safety or the safety of the University community. Comprised of critical representatives from Student and Academic Affairs, the Committee is committed to campus-wide sharing and synthesis of the information to identify potential risks and develop and implement a response. The ACC is empowered by the Executive Vice President/Chief Enrollment Officer to decide a student's status within the University community.
Career Services supports the mission of Concordia University Irvine by helping undergraduate students determine and fulfill their career goals through programs and services that foster, in each student, career management confidence via self-assessment, research, skill development, and exposure to opportunity.
The Disability and Learning Resource Center is committed to ensuring that Concordia University Irvine is a campus inclusive and accessible for its diverse population of disabled students, faculty, staff, and visitors.
CUI believes that the learning environment extends beyond the traditional lecture hall and laboratory and into the informal learning spaces of the residence halls, recreation areas, and gathering places. Our residence halls provide many opportunities for you to create lifelong friendships, build leadership skills, work, have fun, and get academic support to keep you on the road to graduation and success. You will be supported and challenged to experience more and accomplish more to become the leaders who will transform yourselves and the world.
Imagine yourself living in Paris, Salzburg, or Cambridge. These are just a few places where Concordia students have studied. Would you instead study in Oxford, Australia, or Dublin? Talk to us about all of our study abroad programs. As the Great Commission University, Concordia is dedicated to providing a wide variety of mission and service opportunities for student participation. There is a trip offering for every level of the student experience.

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