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SUNY Empire State College is a college built around your life. We understand your needs as an adult learner, and we'll help you reach your educational and career goals while managing your busy life. We helped pioneer nontraditional and distance learning, and we remain at the forefront today.
Whether you take your courses online, onsite at one of 33 locations statewide, or a mix of both, you choose how and when you learn. You also have options to study full-time or part-time.
Our cutting-edge technology and course delivery methods mean you can earn your SUNY Empire State College degree, regardless of where you live or work. Our faculty are committed to adult learners, and your faculty mentor will guide you through your degree program from start to finish.
Besides, our modern transfer credit and credit for college-level, on-the-job experience save you time and money and make the most of what you already know.
SUNY Empire State College was established in 1971 by the SUNY Board of Trustees and then-chancellor and future United States Commissioner of Education Ernest L. Boyer as a distinctive statewide SUNY institution focused on nontraditional teaching and learning, where college faculty mentors guide learners through designing an individual degree program within 12 broad areas.
Further, the college continues its 40-year commitment to valuing learning gained from life and work experience and has a straightforward process for assessing and awarding credit for college-level learning gained through experience. Accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, the college serves mostly working adults pursuing associate, bachelor's, and master's degrees onsite at 35 locations in New York state and abroad and online everywhere.
Whether online or face to face or a combination of both, learners decide how, when, and where to study. The college also offers affordable SUNY tuition degrees tailored to meet individual education, career, personal goals, transfer-friendly policies, and extensive support through MyESC.
Partnerships the college has with organized labor, all branches of the military, and the private and nonprofit sectors enable these organizations to educate their members and employees to meet mandates and licensure requirements, adapt to new technology requirements, and provide paths for promotion.
SUNY Empire State College provides motivated adult learners with access to innovative, flexible, and quality academic programs that empower people and strengthen communities. We build on our students' diversity, their work and life experiences, and their personal and professional goals as the cornerstone for each academic program.
SUNY Empire State College will be the leading public college for students across New York State and worldwide seeking affordable and flexible, quality degrees. Our outstanding faculty and staff will distinguish us, our record of student success, our innovative programs and personalized learning opportunities, our rich continuum of student support services, our social and economic impact, and our commitment to a diverse and engaged academic community.
Your life is multidimensional. So are our degrees. Please choose an area of study and then tailor it to fit your schedule, interests, or expertise because one size does not fit all.
Choose from 12 study areas leading to associate and bachelor's degrees. Customize your program to match your goals and interests. Go further with one of SUNY Empire's five graduate programs in business, nursing, education, liberal studies, or policy studies. Balance work and family while advancing your career with our nursing and allied health programs. Whether you are on active duty or a U.S. veteran, SUNY Empire makes it easy for you to earn your degree anywhere. If you live outside the U.S., you can still earn a SUNY Empire degree. Explore our online and onsite options at locations across the globe. Even if you are not pursuing a degree, you can take courses to prepare for college-level study, stay current in your field, or improve your job skills.
SUNY Empire's faculty members use innovative methods to help you earn an online degree, and they give you the support and guidance you would expect from a traditional campus. It is online learning made personal.
Supplement your online coursework with our three-day, onsite residencies, giving you opportunities to learn in a traditional setting and network and socialize with fellow students and faculty. Immersive Cloud Learning (ICL) combines state-of-the-art video technology with specially designed classrooms that encourage collaboration between faculty and students … no matter where in the world they are. Delve into your course content in one of SUNY Empire's in-person or online study groups. These groups are small by design so you can connect with and benefit from peers and professors in a personal, supportive setting.
When you attend SUNY Empire, you earn a respected, affordable degree. You also open a world of personal and professional opportunities. That is a smart investment.
We help you find the information you need and the people who can assist you. We are dedicated to our students and provide many opportunities and methods for you to connect with us. There are both location-based student services offices and a student affairs office to make it easy for you.
We hope you will take a step beyond your academic life and become involved in the college through your location. Our unique institution offers you the opportunity to network with other students online, in-person, and at conferences and residencies.

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