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At Chestnut Hill College, we emphasize the growth of the whole person. That means we strive to provide our students with an enriching and challenging academic environment and an exciting social life, a healthy spiritual life, and a well-rounded, active life.
So take a look around. You will soon discover just how much there is to see and do on campus, in the charming town of Chestnut Hill, and Philadelphia—truly one of the world's greatest cities. Life as a Chestnut Hill College student is, well, quite lively.
The College's mission is dedicated to serving the Dear Neighbor of student, faculty, staff, the surrounding community, and our global neighbors, without distinction and love.
While you will be expected to study hard, life as a Chestnut Hill College student encompasses much more than tests, terms, papers, and the four walls of Logue Library. After all, this is where you can concentrate on becoming a well-rounded individual. Moreover, that means learning how to live with people you do not call "mom" or "dad," how to lead that student club (maybe even as President of the Student Government Association), and how to plan the perfect Friday night out on the town in Philly. You will soon discover that life as a Chestnut Hill College student is much richer and all-encompassing than you may know.
This College's history is a living, breathing dynamic filled with the mystery, magic, and majesty of the human lives that create its reality at any given period. When you see Chestnut Hill College, you will be impressed by magnificent buildings and exquisite grounds, historic architecture, the splendor of sloping hills, and fragrant, flowering trees and plants. However, what is more significant, and what pictures cannot adequately convey, is the warmth, intelligence, and humor of the campus people. They will make your time here most memorable. Enduring relationships of great value are a hallmark of a Chestnut Hill College education.
While the Chestnut Hill College community respects the past and the rich traditions that have brought us to this time and place, we anticipate with enthusiasm and energy the vast, unknown vistas promised by the future. The past one hundred years are unrivaled in the explosion of information and marked by numerous transformational changes. From typewriters to computers, from radios to televisions, from lecture halls to distance learning, from the Model-T Ford to space travel from phonographs to CD players, and from the neighborhood to the global community history of the College reflects the history of our times. The splendor of the campus has mostly remained unchanged, but the life within it is radically different. Between 1900 and 2015, our vision of who we are as human beings and the meaning of life on this planet has dramatically, irrevocably, and irrefutably changed.
However, despite these many transformations and perhaps because of them, our students' most profound hopes and highest aspirations remain surprisingly unchanged. Still, they long for a better world, contribute successfully to the society in which they live, be successful professionals, establish lasting and meaningful relationships, be faithful to their consciences and their God, and serve others justly compassionately.
At Chestnut Hill College, we provide women and men the opportunity to master their chosen field of study, to become knowledgeable about the diverse races, cultures, and creeds of the world, to grow in mutual respect and understanding of one another, and to enter their professions with competence and confidence. Steeped in the Ignatian spiritual tradition, the College is committed to graduating students who are daring, bold, innovative, and informed thinkers who are also dedicated to others' service, civility, right action, the spiritual dimension of life. It is not enough to graduate with the tools necessary to achieve excellence in one's profession to be fulfilled and happy. One must graduate with the personal maturity and integrity required to achieve excellence as a human being.
Chestnut Hill College is located at the northwestern edge of Philadelphia on 75 acres overlooking the Wissahickon Creek and opened in 1924 as a Catholic, four-year, liberal arts college for women. Founded as Mount Saint Joseph College by the Sisters of Saint Joseph, the College was renamed in 1938.
Since its inception, the College has offered a rigorous liberal arts education that provides students with a broad background in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. The goal of Chestnut Hill College has been to prepare students for life's challenges by helping them grow intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and socially.
In keeping with the spirit of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, the curriculum has been modified over time to meet the ever-changing needs of higher education and society. The College initially awarded only the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees to young women of traditional college age. In 1972, a Continuing Education department extended opportunities for undergraduate study to mature women and men. With the addition of a coeducational graduate program in 1980, the College began to offer master's degrees and, in 1997, added its first doctoral program. Today, students may earn master's degrees in six fields and a doctorate in clinical psychology.

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