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Bethel College, Kansas


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As the first Mennonite college founded in North America, Bethel College celebrates a tradition of progressive Christian liberal arts education, diversity within community, and lifelong learning.
You will consistently find Bethel recognized in national rankings for return on investment, liberal arts education, and service to the community. Sure, the facts and figures make Bethel different from any other Kansas college, but what does a national publication know about what is important to you in choosing a college? Maybe you can better relate to what our students say and how Bethel alumni succeed in their careers.
Founded on the premise of "opening wide the doors of the institution, so that all may have an opportunity to partake of whatsoever advantages may be offered by it," you will find Bethel has a long history of infusing its liberal arts education with values-based learning in conflict resolution and peace and social justice, skills necessary to succeed in today's global climate.
Connect to your purpose through Bethel's outstanding liberal arts education. You have countless reasons to make Bethel your top college choice (and be proud as an alumnus) – as numerous national rankings confirm. Plane, train, or automobile can bring you to Bethel's park-like campus.
You will find us nestled next to Newton, a town whose railroad heritage makes rail travel to and from a genuine possibility. However, just minutes from Wichita – or a few hours from Kansas City – you will have easy access to large metro airports. Alternatively, choose to road trip your way to campus – we are just off the highway. You are invited any time to attend fair arts events or sporting competitions, walk among the historic limestone and brick buildings and on the trails surrounding campus, play disc golf, or grow your produce in the community garden.
Catch the spirit and character of Bethel College interacting with the other students, faculty, and staff who will be beside you, encouraging you on your educational journey. Experience the caring community in the classroom, at the dinner table, in the residence halls, and on the sports teams. Extend your circle of support with a host family should your home be outside of Kansas. Join a community of students and employees who regularly practice an attitude of service, caring for each other when needs arise. Engage in meaningful discussions with fellow students as well as faculty, perhaps collaborating in their research.
Become a part of the thriving vision that began to evolve more than 125 years ago, as Bethel College continues to mark the future through its graduates. Connect to a community that values and welcomes every individual – just as you are. Your interests. Your passions. Your aspirations.
At Bethel College, we "welcome with open hearts, stimulate personal and spiritual discovery, transform through the power of community, and inspire tomorrow's leaders." Imagine combining your academic aptitude and extracurricular experiences to meet the world's needs – what do you see? Let us help.
In 1886, three men stood on a knoll and surveyed a great sea of prairie grass — the center of an immigrant community that stretched for miles in all directions. Despite their differences, these people shared a commitment to educating their children. That meant a local college. Bethel College.
More than 125 years later, the idea of a diverse community united through the search for knowledge still guides Bethel College. You are invited to come, just as you are, to thrive in an inclusive, welcoming community.
Bethel serves to educate the whole student, promoting a broad education over narrow career training. Master a range of knowledge, including the communication and critical thinking skills employers desire. You will graduate with a wide range of professional options and preparation to take advantage of opportunities in developing fields – even the adaptability to take a communications degree and turn it into a career in disaster psychology.
Call your Ph.D. professors by their first names as you partner together to explore your interests, develop your passions, and achieve your aspirations. Experience the individualized attention you deserve from professors who are more like peers, pushing you to develop your strengths through critical thinking and strong writing – skills to last you a lifetime.
Exceed your expectations through hands-on experiences that put your knowledge into action and make you stand out in your chosen field. Enrich your academic experience and expand your cultural perspectives through study abroad. Explore issues relevant to you and society – ask your burning questions to local, regional, and national speakers during convocations and lectures.
Explore how to turn your passions into your profession through our personalized services. Discover how your classwork relates to your future career or your future career – through the Career Services office.
Expand your campus experience with internships or service placements, building networks with professional contacts. Complement your academic preparations with career readiness through resume and interview guidance. Find the on-campus or off-campus job that provides you relevant real-world experience and financial resources.
Whether you set your sights on graduate school or launching your career post-Bethel, we are here to help you succeed — even after you graduate.

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