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For over 70 years, Bay State College has built a reputation for offering a unique, high-quality curriculum for the serious student. Thanks to our small classes, individualized attention, and a faculty of industry professionals who bring their experience into the classroom, our students can successfully pursue career-focused studies in today's fastest-growing industries.
In our commitment to their academic and professional advancement, our students are allowed to intern at some of the best companies in the nation, while networking with employers and alumni who can open doors to some of the Northeast's best career opportunities.
At the same time, our students work and live at our campus in historic Back Bay, one of Boston's most desirable neighborhoods in the city, near the center of Boston's lively downtown and all it offers.
Bay State College is a private college whose mission is to provide students with a quality education that prepares them for professional careers and increases higher education levels. Bay State College accomplishes this mission by providing a learning environment where teaching excellence and student services are blended to support individual students' uniqueness, preparing them to achieve their full potential as ethically and socially aware citizens.
Bay State College prepares students for successful careers and global citizenship through academic rigor and individualized support. Bay State College will be the College of choice in our region for career-minded students and employers who seek well-educated graduates in our disciplines.
The mission of The Office of Student Services is to provide services and programs to assist students in achieving their academic goals while helping to support and promote personal development and quality of life outside the classroom. Our Student Services are designed to help students feel comfortable at Bay State and hopefully get involved in the community.
Bay State College is a partner of the CIS Study Abroad programs. Through these programs, students can customize their study abroad experiences to best match their academic, career, and travel interests. Full-year, semester, and summer programs are offered. Language skills are not required for most locations before your departure but will be a part of your studies when you arrive. All programs are offered in English and provide classroom instruction and various cultural and language development activities. Moreover, these exchange programs may be combined with internship opportunities to enable students to gain invaluable international work experience.
By working with you to identify and receive financial aid from various sources, we can give you the peace of mind to concentrate on your studies, not tuition bills. Whatever financial support you are seeking, we can provide the expert guidance you need from the time of your acceptance to graduation and beyond.
Bay State's Office of Student Involvement and Leadership strives to provide a festive community involvement atmosphere for all students living both on and off-campus. Our office representatives serve multiple roles throughout the office, such as advisors to student groups, chaperones for off-campus student trips, and several others that all promote a safe yet fun environment for students to explore their interests through extracurricular activities.
Our student leaders serve as positive role models to others, encouraging taking an active approach to developing competencies such as leadership, self-efficacy, and teamwork to supplement concepts learned in the academic classroom. In addition to advising student leaders of multiple organizations on campus, the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership also promotes activities and programs from our office that directly impact our students' learning and development at large.
The Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program provides funds earned through part-time employment on and off-campus to assist students in financing the costs of post-secondary education.
For the past 70 years, Bay State College has been guided by an enduring set of core values--Quality, Respect, and Support. Over time, these values have brought us growth and success and continue to do so today.
Bay State College opened in 1946 to serve a single industry, the airlines, by providing students with hands-on skills and paying particular attention to a strong educational foundation. As of now, the College was known for its small classes, individual attention, and focus on specific careers. In 1961, Bay State moved to its current location in the Back Bay — in the city's heart, but close to hospitals, businesses, shopping, fashion, and entertainment.
In 1975, Bay State was initially authorized to grant Associate degrees by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In 1989, Bay State became accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)*. In 2004, Bay State was authorized by the state and NEASC* to grant Bachelor's degrees in Business, Fashion, and Entertainment Management.
Seventy years after its founding, Bay State still operates under the vision of its founders. The College provides America's leading employers with skilled graduates who are professionally trained and educated for their profession.

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