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Universite Ibn Tofail


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Ibn Tofaïl University was founded in 1989. Ibn Tofaïl University is situated at Gharb-Chrarda Beni Hssen region, in the south-east of Kenitra city, at the Maâmora forest.

Since the implementation of the higher education reform, Ibn Tofaïl university aims to institutionalize and perpetuate relations with its partners via developing a long-term project, which includes all its human potentialities and material resources. Moreover, a reception center was established to promote the collaboration between the University and its partners: University / Enterprise interface.

  • Linking between the University and its environment,
  • Exploring and monitoring socioeconomic sector,
  • Identifying the partners’ needs regarding research and training,
  • Assessment of the results obtained by the university research laboratories,
  • Offering and spreading service within the University,
  • Sensitizing University laureates to set up their business,
  • Promoting continuous training at the University,
  • Organizing meetings between socioeconomic operators and researchers,
  • Organizing conferences, seminars, and workshops.

IU organizes an annual strip cartoon Festival. The organization of this event aims to exhibit the work of young authors, promoting strip-cartoon, a didactic and awareness-raising medium, and promoting exchange between young authors, editors, and specialists. This event joins national and foreign sc artists. The festival program incorporates:

  • A collective exhibition of Moroccan’s and foreigner’s creations
  • An exhibition of productions of students belonging to different university institutions (school, specialized higher institutes ….)
  • Debates, round tables, and kid’s spaces
  • Workshops held by national and international strip cartoon specialists
  • A final exhibition of retained students creation

Environment and health, Analyzing waters and organic substance, elaborating/ reporting and characterizing materials and polymers, Managing and exploiting natural resources, agro-resources, geo-resources, and animal production, Pharmacology, and toxicology, Computing and data processing, Managing business and projects, Territory planning and local development, Professional communication.

Students registration is on-site in the Sports Activities office in their respective institutions—daily sports activities within the university campus. Organization of various local championships (cross- country, collective sport, and athletics) to select teams representing our University in national championships. Organization of Ramadan tournaments in various sports activities on the university campus. Each year, our University participates at different official national meetings National championship of collective sports, Cross-national championship, Athletics national championship, Academic national tournament of table Tennis, Chess academic national tournament, Mini football academic national tournament, Rugby sevens academic national tournament.

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