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International College of Management, Sydney


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The International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) is a leading business school, offering a balance of management and practical training within a culture of innovation and entrepreneurialism. We are a community of scholars, industry professionals, and students working together to produce leaders in business, events, hospitality, international business, international tourism, property, and sports management.

We are management specialists. Our close connections with industry and our dedication to training our students to be work-ready professionals ensure that we are at the forefront of education in professional services management.

ICMS attracts brave and ambitious - students who are determined to succeed in the workforce as management leaders. We do all that we can to help them get there. In addition to formal study, we offer our students academic and personal support services, a lively social scene with opportunities to network with their peers, and vital industry training that introduces them to their professional future. Students come to our stunning Manly campus from across the globe. This international learning environment adds a global context to the classroom experience, preparing students for future international careers.

Our campus has a prestigious history as the former site of St Patrick's Seminary. The ICMS building, with its Gothic style and romantic central bell tower, holds a commanding position overlooking the azure of Sydney Harbour and the Pacific Ocean. Often the site of high profile weddings and film making, public members are also welcome as guests on campus. The public is invited to dine with us in our exquisite dining hall, where our hospitality students will serve them. This is another way that our students learn through practical experience.

Of course, our community stretches beyond our beautiful campus. We are proud of our robust alumni community, our industry partners, and affiliates. Our community is one of professionalism, support, and innovation. Welcome to ICMS.

At ICMS, our mission is to provide you with an exceptional education and the much-valued skills set to gain a competitive edge and exceed industry expectations in today's job market. That is why so many of our lecturers have extensive industry experience and why industry training and a leadership program are integrated into our courses. By choosing to study at ICMS, you will have the practical, academic, and professional experience, you need to be career-ready by the day you graduate.

At ICMS, we are connected – with industry and with each other. Our approach to work-integrated learning emphasizes professionalism, and our comprehensive Industry Training program will take your education beyond the classroom and provide the foundations of a successful career. Our college is a community of aspiring professionals, and it is our objective to make that professional transition a smooth one. This is done by working closely with you throughout your degree.

At ICMS, your student experience will be unique. You will earn your qualification in a friendly multicultural environment at one of the world's most stunning campus locations. We all know that it pays to be connected. Whether it is an industry, your lecturers, your peers, our alumni network, or the world, at ICMS, you will make connections that will serve you long after you graduate.

At ICMS, we are dedicated to your education. Our seven principles of learning underpin our curriculum's design, development, and delivery to enhance the student learning experience. These principles are our promise to

  • encourage contact between students and faculty to develop cooperation among students,
  • encourage active learning,
  • give prompt feedback to help students improve and develop their understanding emphasizes time on task and effective time management,
  • communicate high expectations and respect diverse talents and ways of learning.

These principles are our commitment to getting the best from you.

Teaching and learning is a vibrant and dynamic process that requires students to engage with primary and higher-order knowledge gained through experience, understanding, and analysis. At ICMS, we use constructivist teaching and learning methods. This means that as a student at ICMS, you are actively part of your education. We motivate you to think critically and be an active participant in the learning process. This complements our applied and experiential nature of learning in the areas of professional services management.

You will be learning directly from industry experts. Our faculty is made up of highly experienced academics with industry and professional experience. ICMS has strong industry links, making for a unique and highly rewarding educational experience. You will be learning directly from industry experts. Our faculty is made up of highly experienced academics with industry and professional experience. ICMS has strong industry links, making for a unique and highly rewarding educational experience.

ICMS embeds employability skills across all courses and offers a unique combination of theoretical and practical knowledge in a student's chosen field of study. This is further developed by a comprehensive industry training program (structured on work-integrated learning principles). This gives our students a head start in the industry before they have even graduated.

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