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Université Moulay Ismaïl


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University Moulay Ismail of Meknes was launched under the Dahir number 21-86-144 on October 23rd, 1989. The University offers, in the main campus in the city of Meknes (center of Morocco) and a smaller one in the southern city of Errachidia (the gate to the Tafilalet oases), a broad range of educational and training programs in such fields as Science and Technology, Social Sciences and Humanities, Economics and Management, Public and Private law, Mathematics, Industrial and Mechanical Engineering, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Industrial Data Processing, and Quality Control and Maintenance. Internationally the University has over 245 cooperation agreements with universities in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America. The University has a student population of about 66000, all full-time, seeking degrees at the Bachelor's (Licence), Master's, and Doctorate levels, as well as in specialized degrees in Engineering & Technology.

For the period of our second term (2019-2023) at the head of the Moulay Ismail University, we intend to conduct a clear and transparent development policy based on the consolidation of achievements obtained and the improvement of shortcomings, especially as the results expected during our first term are very satisfactory and encouraging and that we are required to invest more in teamwork and the synergy of the many stakeholders through several concrete actions, in particular:

  • Pedagogically, by diversifying its training offer, be it initial or further training, by the job market.
  • In terms of student activities by strengthening sports associations and socio-cultural associations set up at each institution's level and by encouraging students to join these associations for better fulfillment, which is necessary afterward in an active life insertion.
  • In the field of scientific research through a restructuring policy aimed at federating and pooling resources and equipment and implementing centers of expertise and structures that would meet socio-economic needs in terms of training and expertise. Our policy also aims at continuously encouraging scientific production.
  • In terms of cooperation and international relations, by consolidating the links with our privileged partners and developing programs funded by large endowments. Today, we are among the leaders in terms of involvement in Erasmus's international mobility programs.
  • In terms of governance through the implementation of procedures and an effective information system that responds to the needs of the University in terms of student affairs management and staffing, in terms of management of massiveness at the level of institutions with open access, and financial management through integrated management of all institutions about the University, and regulations that allow everyone to be treated and considered in the fairest way possible.
  • On developing skills through further training in all areas related to financial and administrative management, they are allowing these resources to be in tune with the evolution and global change.
  • On the social dialogue level through a straightforward and continuous communication strategy with all trade unions and calm and favorable working conditions for better work performance.
  • In terms of infrastructure, it was increasing the reception capacity and the construction of new institutions that would meet the national and international economy's needs.

Our ambition is to continue what we have started during the last four years because we today believe that we have made the right diagnosis required to upgrade the university level. We are convinced of continuing to bring realizable and practical solutions against the challenges of this prestigious University to help transform it into a major university.

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