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The University of Notre Dame Australia


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Notre Dame is a private Catholic University, extending from the West Coast of Australia in the beautiful and historic City of Fremantle to the North-West town of Broome and across the continent to Sydney's heart. We embrace Catholic Universities' ancient and esteemed traditions in Europe, North America, and 2000 years of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition. We welcome people of all faiths or none at all. As an academic community, we welcome open and rigorous inquiry, debate, and discussion.
We have an enrolment of over 12,000 students and offer a comprehensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Our student experience, employment, and graduate outcomes are the best in New South Wales and Western Australia and among the very best in Australia.
We provide our students with the theoretical knowledge and professional skills which will empower them to realize their potential, build interconnectedness with all peoples, and willingly serve the community through active participation, engagement, and reflection.
We have a robust commitment to honoring the individual and recognize that each student is graced with their gifts and talents. Higher education should prepare students for a rich, fulfilling, and contemplative life, not just a career path.
We are a modern Catholic University, operating in a world where the vast speed of change is felt in nearly all aspects of our daily lives. We bring to bear our traditions and values to engage in scholarship and research, address the developments and challenges of the modern world, serve the common good, and assist all our students in achieving the academic excellence that we promote and expect.
The University of Notre Dame Australia is proud to acknowledge the traditional owners and custodians of this land upon which our University sits. The University acknowledges that the Fremantle Campus is located in Wadjuk Country, the Broome Campus in Yawuru Country, and the Sydney Campus in Cadigal Country.
The University's Objects are at the heart of all we do as a Catholic university. The founding Objects reflect our distinct educational style. This experience follows the Catholic intellectual tradition's traditions and practices while welcoming students of all faiths and beliefs from around the world.
In the third decade of our existence as a university, we seek to realize our potential as a leading Catholic university in the competitive and shifting higher education environment nationally and internationally. Our distinctive contribution to intellectual and public life is based on our commitment to the harmony of faith and reason at the center of Catholic discourse. This commitment underpins our vision of fidelity to the Church, full participation in academic life, and committed service to the Catholic and broader communities.

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