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Jansen Newman Institute


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The Jansen Newman Institute (JNI) is an academic institution with a strong industry reputation for launching and developing the careers of motivated students in counseling, psychotherapy, and community services.

Using a skills-based teaching model, we offer a breadth of academically rigorous, practical programs from diploma to Master level courses. Each course offers an opportunity to enhance students' skills and abilities in listening, empathizing with others, and nurturing those in their care to guide individuals and communities through change, discovery, and development.

We value students with rich life experiences and a strong desire to learn, grow, and improve others' lives. In turn, we are deeply committed to nurturing each student's journey as they work towards this path.

Along the way, our students are encouraged to reflect on and develop their innate and practical skills during their course, both in class and through work placements and counseling services to the public. Our on-site clinic, The Wellbeing Clinic at Pyrmont Campus, is a fundamental component of our courses. Here students can fine-tune their counseling and therapy skills with real clients under the careful supervision and guidance of JNI staff, who are themselves qualified and practicing clinicians.

These sessions and all our courses overall are focused on enhancing class learnings and providing students with the confidence to start practicing counseling and therapy immediately upon graduation. JNI has been transforming the lives of our students for over 30 years. Recently, JNI has broadened its course offerings to include a more comprehensive investigation of the social sciences, including Community Services. This has allowed our students to explore new aspects of human relationships while experiencing the rich counseling tradition that runs through JNI. We are proud that our graduates are skilled practitioners who care beyond what is expected. They inspire change by helping others be heard, and through this, make a real difference in the broader community.

JNI is a leading academic institution that has been transforming our students' lives for over 30 years. We believe that emerging professionals do not just require theoretical knowledge but also a skills-based teaching model and supportive learning environment that nurtures each individual's potential to grow as an individual and professional.

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