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Sarina Russo Institute (SRI) is part of the Sarina Russo Group (SRG). Established in 1979, SRG has established and maintained excellence in education, training, recruitment, and job creation. Sarina Russo Institute offers industry-focused education and training. As an organization, we place value on providing an outstanding learning experience. SRI understands the importance of offering flexible delivery while equipping students with the skills, knowledge, and support to achieve successful employment outcomes.
At SRI, we understand the importance of delivering quality education in a supportive and engaging environment. For this reason, our experienced staff is regularly reviewing our product and service offerings to ensure our courses meet our students' needs. Every year, we welcome and educate thousands of domestic and international students to study quality English language and vocational education courses. Our students have successfully gained the skills and experience required to further their study at University or gain a desired career outcome through up-skilling. Whether you are looking for a classroom-based experience, on the job training, or an online solution, we can provide the best program at the right time.
We want you to excel and achieve your goals; for this reason, SRI focuses not only on providing an outstanding learning experience but facilitating a community environment among students through access to multiple 'Campus Life' services. As an SRI student, you will have access to learning advisers, employment consultants, computer services, library facilities, and the student lounge. With one conveniently located campus in the heart of Brisbane city, we invite you to enjoy the experience and opportunities that a qualification from Sarina Russo Institute can provide.
Our purpose is to ensure you gain the skills you need for today's workplace and the future. Our close links with employers result from many years of close consultation and engagement with the industry. We understand the workplace because we are supporting the recruitment and training requirements of employers daily.
At the heart of our business is a belief that learning and upskilling must be linked to an outcome. Our work does not finish with the issuing of a qualification. We also support our students with work experience, job placement, or university acceptance if that is their goal. Sarina Russo Institute is part of a global company synonymous with education, training, and employment. As part of this group, we can provide both students and employers with full-cycle training and employment service for both businesses and individuals.

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