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Abbotts College Pretoria East


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Abbotts College offers a unique approach to education by following a very focused educational pathway. Our vision is to create an environment where we engage with and encourage all students to fulfill their potential and pursue their dreams through our value system.
We believe that every student can develop and achieve academic success. We provide all our students with values and skills while embracing diversity and treating them as young adults. We follow a structured and organized routine that enables our students to become increasingly independent by managing themselves and their learning. Paramount to our success is our belief in the value of effective communication and co-operation between the teacher, student, and parent.
Abbotts College focuses on the individual learning abilities of each student. Academic improvement forms the core of our focus, ensuring that students achieve continued success. We nurture and encourage each student’s individuality. We embrace diversity, self-expression, and freedom of choice. Treating our students as young adults build character creates accountability and responsibility.
A typical day at Abbotts College involves structure and planning so that our students and teachers can plan. Our routine also creates a structure to follow, which could come in handy when students have to create their routine for studying at a tertiary institution after school. We aim to nurture the individual in all our students. That is why we create a routine that would give them the chance to express their individuality yet provide them with the academic sources and support to reach their potential.
We do not merely employ just any teacher. Our teachers are hand-picked and willing to go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that every student reaches their potential.
Whether you are an A grade student or lean more towards an E symbol, we welcome you with open arms and will go so far as to guarantee improved results. We celebrate individual success at different levels.
We aim to celebrate their individuality and nurture them to become the best version of themselves. At Abbotts College, we focus on personal growth and academic success so that every student can fulfill their potential. We are an independent alternative; for us, it is not just about the bragging rights of how many distinctions we have achieved; instead, we also want to brag about the improvement we have seen in individual students and how their lives have changed because of our encouragement and mentorship.
The fireworks at midnight on New Year’s Eve ensure an exciting start to the year. However, attending a fireworks display for the first time can be quite overwhelming and frankly, a little scary. In the same way, starting a new school year can be exhilarating, yet daunting – even more so when starting at a new school.
These feelings probably describe many Abbotts students at the start of the year and those who make a move to Abbotts during the academic year. However, there is no need to be concerned: the Abbotts teachers empathize with every student because we know that any new venture lets one’s heartbeat a little faster.
Our extra-mural program is designed to bring the classroom to life. Field trips are arranged regularly, and students are offered the opportunity to experience national or international tours. Furthermore, our students participate in a school camp early in the year. The camp focuses on team building, co-operative learning, and leadership development, which results in a close-knit and supportive student body unit. Traditional student activities are also catered for. Every year we have inter-campus sports days, cultural evenings, a matric dance, awards evenings, and the Grade 12 Graduation.
Imagine being able to ask your teacher for assistance while you are doing your homework. Well, that is precisely what our supervised homework sessions are about. These sessions happen at school every weekday and forms part of the daily routine.
During these sessions, students have the chance to consult with their subject teachers and ask for assistance. We also offer a mentoring system whereby each student has a personal mentor assigned to support them through their learning journey at Abbotts College.
Our highly structured approach to academic development is at the top of our list. However, there is more to shaping individuals than just symbols on a piece of paper.
Treating our students as young adults build character creates accountability and responsibility. We do not have bells in our schools, and this activity teaches our students time management and punctuality.

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