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RIA was created in 1999 to cater to students with Autism, who might otherwise slip through the cracks in the school system. Over the years, RIA has steadily developed and established itself as a quality Inclusive Education Centre. Recognizing the need to work toward inclusive education and society, sensitive to everyone's needs, has become the main focus of our mission statement.
In the space of a few short years, the wheel has come full circle. More and more schools in Bahrain are opening up to Integration, and parents of our standard learning students are proud to see their children as part of the RIA family. Families of former students are our best advertisement, and some are even coming back to volunteer!
RIA Caters to the needs of mainstream learners and students with Special Educational Needs offering a year-round educational and 'mini' respite service. With the mission statement of 'Education for All' and promoting awareness of living in the community with particular regard to persons with physical and intellectual disabilities, RIA Caters to the needs of mainstream learners as well as students with Special Educational Needs offering a year-round educational and 'mini' respite service. RIA teaches in both English and Arabic. Our dedicated staff is at the heart of RIA and Kids Castle Nursery. The nursery curriculum is based on the UK EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage).
We are a 'melting pot' of nationalities, languages, and cultures, and together we work to make every day an exceptional experience for the students and their families. At RIA, we strive to create a positive, nurturing, and safe environment where students can develop their skills to the best of their abilities. As Student Director, it is my pleasure to work with RIA's professional teaching and support staff to deliver an educational experience for our students that enables them to grow and flourish.
We partner with parents to provide an accessible, flexible program that helps each child build on and develop new knowledge and skills, recognizing that each student has a unique approach to learning. In so doing, I aim to prepare your child to contribute fully in your community, regardless of their abilities.
We are one team with one mission - to address your inquiry as courteously and swiftly as possible! It is our pleasure to assist you during office hours. Consider us an extension of the classroom to support you and your child during their time at RIA.

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