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The story about modern education on Serbia's territory started in 2005 when the Faculty of Information Technology was founded. The development was gradual but steady, and in time our role in higher education in Serbia has grown stronger. In 2010 the newly founded Faculty of Management and Faculty of Digital Arts joined the Faculty of Information Technology, and the three faculties formed Metropolitan University. By carefully following the trends of the modern labor market, we have recognized its needs and started to provide quality education to our students in various areas of information technology. It is little known that last year more than a billion people around the world studied online. The classrooms of the future follow us everywhere we go, as we are only a click away from "walking" into the classroom from anywhere we like. Metropolitan University is the first University to oer studying through the eLearning system in Serbia. This mode of studying covers all four years of studies. The degrees which online students obtain are entirely equal to the ones earned in the traditional studies, both in terms of earned qualifications and the quality of gained knowledge.
The mission of Belgrade Metropolitan University is to contribute to Serbia's educational, cultural, economic, and social progress by providing advanced bachelor and master academic studies in the area of information technologies, arts, and management, as well as continuous professional education. Belgrade Metropolitan University provides students with an introduction to modern technical concepts and practice in several scientific and artistic areas: Information technologies, Information systems, Software engineering, Computer Games, Engineering and Operations Management, Business and Marketing Management, Management in Sports, Graphic design, Interactive media design, and Fashion design. Students are educated to identify and evaluate modern and upcoming technologies to determine their applicability in problem-solving for users, as well as analyze the impact of technologies on individuals, organizations, and society, including ethical, legal, and political aspects. It is necessary to demonstrate comprehension of best practices and standards, their application, demonstration of independent and critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.
One of the main objectives of education of this type is the development of abilities for teamwork for fulfillment the common objective by integrating personal initiative ad group cooperation, development of abilities of effective communication and efficiency in work with clients, users and colleagues, both verbal as well as textual, by using adequate terminology, as well as comprehension of the need for continuous education during the career. Belgrade Metropolitan University is unique by the methodologies it applies, since other than the ability for teamwork, creativity, and individuality in work is further developed. The University develops the skills for innovative thinking, a new approach to problems, the ability to integrate and implement the latest technologies and investigative spirit. Leadership qualities and high professional and ethical standards are what we ask of our students.
We introduced four years of long bachelor academic studies and one-year-long master studies. We introduced new attractive study programs: SOFTWARE ENGINEERING, These new programs, and the existing programs in the field of computing – INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES, are in line with the newest recommendations of the American professional associations IEEE, ACM, and AIS. Furthermore, other study programs are significantly improved and updated. We started applying a new eLearning system – LAMS, which applies the most modern technology in eLearning. We prepared new curricula which the system offers to our students, We acquired the newest computer equipment (a big IBM server), and we have significantly accelerated our internet connection which should provide social work of our students, In simplest terms, we offer more and better, in much better conditions. Belgrade Metropolitan University continues its mission to provide top-quality education since we believe that it is the only way to provide the passage to quality and highly paid work position. The point is not in studying per se, nor in gaining a university degree only. The most important thing is to study the right thing, at the right place, with the right method – to get a real job.

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