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Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova


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Consequently, on 25 September 1991, under Decision no. Five hundred thirty-seven of the Government of the Republic of Moldova established the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova. It materialized the aspirations of many generations in economic education and research who strived toward an autonomous higher education institution. It enabled the integration of higher economic education and scientific research and the vertical integration of different levels of education, ranging from pre-university and university to post-university. Initially, our main objective was not only to develop specialized professionals but also to build a new mentality in the spirit of freedom of thought, action, pragmatism, and life efficiency.
A particular emphasis is placed on cooperation with other higher education institutions and research centers from more than 20 countries worldwide, having rich traditions in economic education and research. Our institution is a member of the European University Association (EUA), the Francophone University Association (FUA), the Black Sea Universities Network (BSUN), the Central European Initiative University Network (CEI - University Network). Relationships with our partners have promoted advanced teaching methods and modern economic principles. In contrast, the academic exchanges have enabled numerous teachers and students to carry out internships at the most prestigious foreign universities. Particular importance is given to the implementation of the Bologna Declaration stipulations at ASEM, emphasizing the quality of education, development of scientific research, and excellence in academic administration.
The Republic of Moldova has officially announced its strategic orientation towards joining the European Union. This means that universities in our country will find themselves in a highly competitive environment created under the Single European higher education area with a considerable increase of academic mobility and more significant opportunities for young people aiming to study in a European university. The above mentioned involve changes and radical improvements in the economy, in the system of higher education, and will require the development of strategies to ensure capacity building to be competitive under the new conditions of the academic environment.
At present, the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova is a modern university complex, organized into six faculties, 26 chairs, two departments, seven centers, 13 offices and services, the Master School of Excellence in Economics and Business, 2 Doctoral Schools, School of Tourism and Hotel Services, a Business Incubator and the National College of Trade. ASEM has a sound material resource basis: a scientific library, a center of multimedia, several centers for on-going training and consulting, other subdivisions, six buildings equipped with the latest technologies seven dormitories with study rooms a modern sports complex 27 computer classrooms, connected to the Internet a rehabilitation center and a recreation facility in Vadul lui Voda village.

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