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Domus Academy is a living laboratory. An incubator of talents and a springboard for interdisciplinary adventures. A place where stellar careers are launched.
At Domus Academy, we help students become protagonists in the highly competitive world of fashion and design. They are offering one-year master’s courses in a wide variety of design specializations; the school centers around a “learning by designing” methodology. Students solve real-life design problems with the help of world-class faculty members who are opinion leaders in their fields. Students also have the opportunity to intern with some of the most exciting brands in fashion, product design, car design, interaction design, luxury goods, and more. Working directly with companies, you will learn how to address the most contemporary design challenges in fresh and original ways.
Domus Academy is a school where students make the connections that accelerate their careers, gain inspiration from collaborative projects, and develop their skills and talents in a self-directed way. Whether students wish to work at a traditional job or found their design studio, Domus Academy prepares them to become leaders within all facets of the fashion and design industries.
We believe that working on real-world projects is the best way to learn. That is why 90 percent of our curriculum is “learning by designing.” You will work on practical design assignments that replicate today’s professional design practices in an environment supportive of learning and experimentation.
At Domus Academy, you will work side-by-side with pre-eminent international designers and thought leaders. They bring the pulse of the design world into the classroom and impart their knowledge of the latest design trends and practices.
Many of the most innovative design solutions are created through the collaboration of various design tools, competencies, and perspectives. Students across disciplines share points of view on design and learn to combine them in their fresh expressions.
Currently, more than 50 nationalities are represented on the Domus Academy campus. We believe that a multicultural point of view spurs a dynamic exchange of ideas and informs design excellence: An open mind sees a diversity of options and chooses concepts with universal resonance.
In the early eighties, Milan emerged as the epicenter of Italian design. However, no one in the city was teaching design in a formalized way. Top art critics and designers recognized an extraordinary opportunity to fill this void and mentor the next generation of designers. In 1982, they founded Domus Academy, Italy’s first postgraduate design school.
During the early years, leading designers such as Ettore Sottsass, Alessandro Mendini, Denis Santachiara, and Philippe Starck were involved as lecturers and workshop leaders. Domus Academy quickly developed a strong reputation on the international stage for its “learning by designing” methodology and its humanistic approach, which considers the process more important than results and places the human being as the central aspect of any project.
In 2009, Domus Academy joined Laureate International Universities. This international network includes more than 80 accredited campus-based and online universities in 29 countries throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Northern Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.
Today, Domus Academy continues to involve top names in the design world as mentors and visiting professors. Students are free to express their personalities in a context that promotes both diligence and mistakes as the first steps toward a successful project. The school has remained faithful to one of its fundamental founding principles: that, rather than just offering new solutions, the design must also reveal new problems.
Influential magazines and opinion leaders widely consider Domus Academy to be one of the world’s top schools in fashion, design, and architecture. Our students have won grand prizes in several prestigious competitions, including the ITS Accessories contest, the Next Generation contest at Milan Fashion Week, Vogue Talents, Who Is on Next?, the Red Dot Award, and the Samsung Young Design Award, and the Wallpaper* Design Awards.
2017 – The Business of Fashion ranked Domus Academy in the TOP 10 of the Global Fashion Business Ranking 2017 and the TOP 30 of the Global Fashion Ranking 2017. 2016 – The Business of Fashion ranked Domus Academy n2 for Learning Experience in the Global Fashion Schools Ranking 2016.

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