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Aosta Valley University


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Founded in 2000, the Università Della Valle d'Aosta is a hub for education and research with an eye to Europe and constant focus on the local territory. Plans for the University, which began in 1997, stemmed from the need to make up-to-date higher-level education available to everybody and from the desire to establish an institution dedicated to the creation and spreading of knowledge, an organization for interaction and social, cultural and economic growth and therefore a development of the regional global system.
Now, seventeen years after it was founded, the curriculum offered by the University has grown significantly to include degree courses about two departments and approximately 1200 students. The didactic approach that has been in place since the Università Della Valle d'Aosta was established is focused on the student: the small size of the university compared with other institutions allows direct contact with teachers and easy access to services as well as promoting interaction with other students. Our international focus, demonstrated by various cooperation agreements with European institutes, translates into numerous opportunities for student exchanges, academic collaborations, and international research projects.
In addition to facilitating the education of young students from the Val d'Aosta area and qualification for local professions, the University aims to attract a growing number of students from all over Italy to create a student community that promotes fruitful cultural exchange. Our exceptional local context makes this goal even more comfortable to achieve: the Valle d'Aosta has a rich naturalistic, historical and artistic heritage and is also home to many sporting attractions during the summer and winter seasons.

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