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Navitas College of Public Safety


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Established in 1990, the Navitas College of Public Safety (NCPS) is an Australian owned tertiary education provider offering a Bachelor in Criminology and Justice. NCPS is part of the Navitas Group, a global education provider offering an extensive range of services for students and professionals, including university programs and English language programs.
At NCPS, we pride ourselves on producing graduates that make the world a safer place. We do this by providing a relevant, innovative, and excellent educational program that empowers students and prepares them for work in the criminal justice system. Our team of experienced academics and industry professionals come from a diverse range of backgrounds. They are committed to delivering an educational experience that is engaging, exciting, and includes the latest workplace practices. The College has a culture of openness, inquiry, and respect where the close relationship between staff and students is critical.
NCPS has a specialized learning environment with like-minded students studying towards a common goal. Whether you are looking to go onto a career in law enforcement, the legal system, or corrections, we aim to prepare you for a diverse and ever-changing world. Our trimester structure gives you a head start with your career by allowing you to complete a three-year degree in just two years. So whether you are looking to enhance your current professional capabilities or just beginning your journey to a criminal justice career, our degree will place you on the right path.
Navitas College of Public Safety has been delivering specialist courses in public safety since 1990 and is a leader in the field. Our Bachelor of Criminology and Justice covers a broad range of topics, such as criminology, criminal psychology, criminal law and procedure, law enforcement, corrections, and justice-related issues. In this course, you will receive a comprehensive, theoretical education in each of these areas – from learning why people commit crimes to understand the importance of ethics and legal processes.
All courses delivered by NCPS that lead to a higher education award issued by NCPS are recognized in the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). AQF qualifications are recognized all around Australia and by other countries. Further information about AQF qualifications is available at www.aqf.edu.au. Teaching at NCPS focuses on giving students the skills and knowledge to understand people and how they work. To do this, we use interactive teaching, which involves you working with other students, teachers, and industry professionals.
Students can study part-time or full-time, on-campus or online, or in a combination of both modes. As an international student studying in Australia on a student visa, you can undertake a maximum of 25% of your total course online and must be enrolled full-time in at least one on-campus unit in each standard study trimester.

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