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Tyndale University College & Seminary


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Tyndale University College & Seminary was founded in 1894 in Toronto, Ontario. Legislated by the Government of Ontario, Tyndale University College is a Christian university with a growing number of undergraduate programs, offering a wide range of academic disciplines. Tyndale Seminary is Canada's largest graduate school of theology, offering degrees at the master's and doctoral levels. Tyndale's community, representing 60 ethnic backgrounds and 40 different denominations, inspires students to think analytically, serve faithfully, and live passionately.
Welcome to Tyndale University College & Seminary. We are on an exciting adventure in our mission to provide quality post-graduate education and graduate theological and ministerial training. Tyndale has over 120 years of history preparing people for their future professions, from teaching and business to pastoral work. Tyndale continues to do this today and has expanded upon it to prepare people for their future.
Tyndale offers students a university education that prepares them to work in several different professions or further graduate studies within a context that affirms a community of faith. Tyndale scores are high in a poll measuring students' satisfaction with their university education. We offer Bachelor of Arts degrees in Business, Psychology, Biblical Studies, English, History, Philosophy, and more, as well as a Bachelor of Education.
Tyndale Seminary is the largest graduate school of theology in Canada. We have worked diligently to provide ease of access for students who wish to study part-time or full-time. There are multiple ways in which you can study and train. The multicultural nature of our student body makes learning exciting and challenging. You will study with professors deeply rooted in taking their subjects and placing them in a real context. This is not just a theory for them; they have had to put it into practice. Neither do we think that ministry only happens professionally through pastoral ministry. The call to faithful living is for all. Consequently, we believe in shaping and transforming people of faith to think theologically, deepen their spiritual lives, and navigate the challenges of the 21st-century world.
In 2007, we acquired the Morrow Park facilities on Bayview Avenue. The Bachelor of Education program, Doctor of Ministry program, the Development office, the Alumni office, and the Tyndale Association of Spiritual Directors moved to the Bayview campus in 2009. The rest of the university and seminary joined them in Spring 2015, completing the historic move. The new campus provides 56 acres of green space and property resources to expand our course offerings and accommodate our growth.
Tyndale University College & Seminary is a Christian institution of higher education standing in the Protestant Evangelical tradition. With all Christians East and West, North and South, we affirm the historic Apostles' and Nicene creeds, and we affirm our spiritual kinship with all who seek to exalt and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.
We are also rooted in the Protestant Reformation with its conviction concerning the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the Scripture's normative authority. In the Evangelical awakenings tradition, we proclaim the message of personal faith in the crucified Christ and a transformed life through the Spirit. Born out of the world missionary movement of the 19th century, we continue to serve the global Church in all its cultural diversity. We embrace the biblical call to seek justice and peace and serve the poor, the vulnerable, and the oppressed.
Tyndale offers a distinct undergraduate Christian university experience where students develop the skills they need to think analytically and respond to today's issues and tomorrow. Smaller classes nurture a strong sense of community and dialogue between students and professors. The university offers Bachelor's degrees and honors degrees in Arts (BA), Religious Education (BRE), a Certificate in Christian Studies and a post-undergraduate Bachelor's degree in Education (BEd). These degrees prepare graduates for dynamic careers, professional programs, graduate programs in other universities, and life. The Tyndale undergraduate university experience is known for its high-quality academics that are interwoven with faith. It is a community of students and faculty that challenges each other to live authentically, follow Christ, and actively engage their culture.
Tyndale Seminary, long recognized for its innovation and creativity, prepares people to lead and live from the core of a vibrant Christian faith in a postmodern, pluralistic and multicultural society. The seminary's graduate degrees provide a comprehensive theological foundation and offer one of the largest selections of specializations in theological education in North America. Through academic rigor, practical application, and dialogue, Tyndale students develop the skills needed to examine their beliefs, work through issues, and engage their culture with the gospel. Seminary courses have been designed to be flexible programs that can be taken online and in modular, one-week intensives and traditional daytime and evening formats. Tyndale Seminary offers degrees in Doctor of Ministry (DMin), Master of Divinity (MDiv), Master of Theological Studies (MTS), Master of Theology (ThM), and Graduate Diploma programs.

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