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Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences


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Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1996, and in 2001 acquired a state university's status. In 2002, it was accredited for an indefinite period. ViA offers high-quality and flexible study programs that successfully balance theory and practice. These are adapted to the current needs of society and changes in the labor market. The quality of the studies is ensured by experienced and professional teaching staff, advanced study methods, and students who know what they want to achieve and how to succeed.
The university is a platform for fulfilling dreams and achieving goals. Individually and collectively. It serves those who want to acquire new knowledge and skills regardless of age and those who have a good idea but lack the knowledge and skills to make it happen. It also supports individuals who want to realize their scientific idea and create new products by engaging in the university's research work and those who want to transfer their knowledge to others by lecturing or consulting.
Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences is an internationally recognized regional platform for higher education, science, knowledge transfer, and leadership of ideas, offering an ecosystem of the digital era for versatile options in acquiring professional higher education and carrying out interdisciplinary research, giving a proactive response to the challenges of society.
The mission of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences is to promote the sustainable development of knowledge society on the regional and national levels, providing the private and public sectors with high-level professionals and conducting research to address societal challenges.
ViA educational program - study programs and fields, lifelong learning, additional education for secondary school students. ViA research development strategy and program - a proactive response to society's challenges according to the fields of studies and the external demand.
The knowledge transfer of ViA and its partner institutions to cooperation partners, taking the role of the Vidzeme region's intellectual leader in promoting the growth of the country and the region.
Small study groups, lecturers' commitment and interest to each student, and friendly atmosphere ensure a quality learning experience, allowing students to take an active part in the process. The flexible schedule of lectures also allows students to take on part-time roles as well.
Upon graduation, students gain a professional degree and qualification. During the study process, learners have access to qualified industry professionals, leading researchers, and opinion leaders. ViA regularly welcomes guest lecturers from across the world. The university is also in the Top 10 most recommended universities in Latvia (voted by employers). 100% of students gain work experience while pursuing their degree.
Every fifth student goes on a student exchange or internship to various countries across the world. ViA has nearly 100 partner universities, giving students first-hand experience and an opportunity to learn other languages, such as English, Spanish, or French. Each year, the university welcomes dozens of international students.
ViA is located in a beautiful area in Latvia, and a city is known for being a creative hub. Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences is the first in the Baltic States to gain the "Green flag" and an ECO University status, which it maintains by looking after nature and organizing various environmentally friendly events each year.
Vidzeme University's Student Union regularly organizes events for its students; learners have access to various sporting activities at the university and Valmiera and the surrounding areas - whether it is choir, dancing, volleyball, basketball, theatre, or something else.

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