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MacArthur Community College


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Macarthur Community College Inc is a community based non-profit organization sponsored by the NSW Government to provide open access for all adults (15 years or over except where the course is specifically for school students) to a wide range of educational opportunities in the facilities of local schools.

The College conducts courses at Liverpool, Ingleburn, Campbelltown, Picton, Fairfield and St Johns Park, and various other venues offering affordable short courses which may enhance your work skills or add to your skills and interests. The fees you pay cover the tutor's salary and a proportion of the overhead expenses of the College. Fees are kept as low as possible. The College receives funds to assist with people's participation with barriers to learning in some accredited training from the NSW Department of Education and Communities (DEC).

The College conducts courses across south-western Sydney. It is a community based non-profit organization providing open access for adults (15+) to educational opportunities, utilizing local schools' facilities. We offer affordable short courses to enhance work skills or personal skills and interests.

The College is confident you will be pleased with your course and that it will be conducted as advertised. Tutors are selected, trained, skilled, qualified, and aware of the needs of participants. If there is a problem, speak to the Tutor and the Coordinator first. If your problem remains unsolved, or you do not feel comfortable, call the College office and discuss the matter with our friendly staff. We will refund your tuition fees in full and ask that you complete an evaluation form to improve. Evaluation forms are available from the College office. Please refer to the statement on Refunds.

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