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University of the Fraser Valley


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Located in the beautiful Fraser Valley just east of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the Fraser Valley (UFV) is a fully accredited, public university that enrolls approximately 16,000 students per year. UFV has campuses and locations in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, Hope and Agassiz, and a growing presence in Chandigarh, India. UFV is large enough to offer variety, and yet small class sizes allow you to get to know your instructors and learn in a hands-on environment. We offer more than 100 programs, including two master’s degrees, 15 bachelor’s degrees, majors, minors, and extended minors in more than 30 subject areas, and more than a dozen trades and technology programs.
UFV’s vision is to provide the best undergraduate education in Canada and be a leader of the social, cultural, economic, and environmentally-responsible development of the Fraser Valley. UFV will measure its success by its graduates' successes and the successful development of the communities they serve. In achieving its goals, UFV has committed to being innovative, entrepreneurial, and accountable.
The University of the Fraser Valley, as established by the University Act of British Columbia, is mandated to serve its region's post-secondary educational needs. Specifically, UFV provides post-secondary academic, trade, technical, career, and adult basic education programs that lead to certificates, diplomas, and degrees at both the undergraduate and master’s levels. Faculty and staff are also engaged in foundational and applied research and other scholarly activities that support its program areas and the development of the Fraser Valley.
Paramount priority is placed on students and their learning needs and goals. UFV is committed to excellence in post-secondary education through programs that serve the Fraser Valley region's diverse needs. We view education as an ongoing process essential for both career progression and actualizing human potential. We make the university accessible to students with diverse backgrounds and goals while rewarding academic success and maintaining high standards. We value and treat students as mature individuals and encourage intellectual, cultural, creative, ethical, and social development to prepare our graduates for their roles as productive citizens of an increasingly complex and pluralistic society. Moreover, finally, we place a high value on environmental, social, and economic sustainability in all our endeavors.

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