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University Canada West is a contemporary independent university located in the heart of vibrant Vancouver. Established in 2004, UCW offers a range of career-focused programs, including the Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication, and Master of Business Administration. Courses are offered at our downtown Vancouver campus and online too. Offering courses online brings flexibility to education, allowing those who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to gain respected qualifications.

University Canada West is a business-oriented, teaching-intensive university. We deliver programs that provide students with an applied and theoretical basis for success in the workplace and future academic endeavors. Our Goals are:

  • To exemplify a contemporary Canadian university.
  • To be relevant, accessible, and innovative.
  • To offer career-focused courses to transform students into leadership-ready graduates.
  • To provide exceptional service and support to students whether they study with us online or on campus.
  • To offer flexibility to make education more accessible to those eager to progress both academically and professionally.
  • To foster a diverse and challenging learning environment focused on applying knowledge and building competencies for a scholarship, leadership, and responsible citizenship in a global context.

Located in Vancouver’s downtown core and drawing students from more than 40 countries, the university offers a dynamic learning environment, personal attention, and competitive tuition rates. Focus group research indicates that our students highly value our dedicated faculty and small class sizes. The fantastic location also improves students’ chances of gaining all-important industry experience, preparing them for their careers after university.

Another unique feature is our flexible programming that allows students to attend in-person, online, or both. Moreover, motivated learners also have the opportunity to complete their degrees faster than at many traditional universities, meaning they can get their education and get on with life. The right degree can move you along your career path and prepare you for employment in many industries. With our excellent faculty, flexibility, small class sizes, our degrees enable you to enter the job market with confidence. Our commitment is to provide an education with rigorous standards that align with the best in the world.

The ACBSP-accredited UCW MBA degree challenges students in areas vital to business operation and administration. It develops core competencies in critical thinking, persuasive communication, system analysis, leadership, and business ethics. Emphasis is placed on applying theories and teaching students case studies relating to a large variety of industries in Canada and around the world.

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