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The purpose of each Campus Montréal project is to design and develop innovative solutions to complex issues. To create a favorable climate for education and knowledge transfer here and around the world. To raise our profile in the community through creative and productive partnerships. Campus Montréal wants to raise $140 million to establish a landmark scholarship fund. Committed to academic excellence and access, the Campus Montréal Scholarship Fund will above all support students pursuing graduate and post-graduate studies, improve access to post-secondary education for gifted students, and enhance the international dimension of our programs.
The University of Montreal is born of an educational project. Moreover, as the story unfolds over 135 years, it has become a social project. Here are some milestones in our history—Foundation of the University of Montreal, around three faculties: theology, law, and medicine. The École Polytechnique de Montréal is part of the University of Montreal, affiliated with the Faculty of Arts. The University leaves the Latin Quarter to move to Mount Royal in a new building designed by architect Ernest Cormier.
Université de Montréal has 9,343 international students, making it Canada’s 4th most international University, according to the Times Higher Education ranking. Nearly 8,000 permanent residents also attend UdeM every year. The Université de Montréal recruits top professors both locally and abroad. This intellectual and cultural diversity creates a highly stimulating environment for our students, including a growing number of international students. Our Campus is also home to international organizations like the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie and the UNESCO Institute for Statistics.
Our alumni will tell you that accreditation by international organizations opens the doors to global careers. The School of Library and Information Sciences program, for example, is recognized by the American Library Association, and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine enjoys full accreditation from the American Veterinary Medical Association.

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