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Royal Roads University


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The Royal Roads University campus sprawls over 260 hectares of lush parkland, where you will find walking, hiking, and biking trails, magnificent examples of the west coast's flora and fauna, gorgeous views of the Juan de Fuca straight with the majestic Olympic mountain range in the background, a stunning Japanese garden, and a castle built for one of Vancouver Island's most recognized coal barons. Moreover, that is just what you will see when you get here. Once you start getting around campus, you will discover the breadth and depth of the education we provide and the opportunities a degree can bring to your personal and professional world.

We are leaders and partners, creating enduring prosperity. Our teaching and research transform careers and lives by solving problems and creating opportunities in the world. We connect people, ideas, experiences, and cultures to change lives and the world. Our Goals

  • Lead change and advance demand-driven growth in high-quality, practical education, and research that contribute to economic productivity, social advancement, and environmental sustainability.
  • The university of choice for relevant applied and professional education provides continuous opportunities to learn and transform lives and careers.
  • A financially sustainable, high-performance organization.
  • A workplace of choice supporting professional and personal success.
  • A university with strong partnerships, supportive to our alumni and the communities we serve.
  • A leader in sustainable stewardship meets the needs of the present without compromising future generations' ability to meet their own needs.

One of the things you will notice when you arrive on our campus is that we are pretty passionate about sustainability. We have committed to living and manage our activities to balance social, economic, environmental, and institutional considerations to meet the needs of today without compromising tomorrow's generation's ability to meet their own needs. Royal Roads University exists to provide high quality, innovative, competitively priced applied post-secondary education to career-focused students in Canada and abroad in a manner that meets their needs, is financially self-sufficient, and is socially and environmentally responsible.

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